When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

in the war i am in the waters of life and wallow in the depth of human potential and i realize another dream is coming true right before my eyes and creeps up on me as the surprise it’s mean to be and that was always to reach my full potential despite the adversity and being held down and held hostage in my own house and despite being a victim of the world. dreams come true and not by wishing but through hard work and dedication while harming no one on the way and as long as they are around i am harmed and in danger that someone intentionally put my life in danger because of feeling threatened but in reality it’s jealousy that fuels that and they haven’t even transcended jealousy yet they haven’t probed themselves in order to stop and they never will and i have to accept that i may be at war my whole life because they cannot run rampant and create this decay that is destroying our physical reality and world and when i look to the future with it in their hands i see earth from outer space as it rages with an all consuming fire flaming until there is nothing left as we watch regretting saying that we want to watch. there lies everything that ever created experiences for you there goes all our memories of a place we once called home and let other completely destroy against our will as we search for excuses for them and say if only they listened and learned by now then all of it could have been prevented as they recite what i am writing and never stopping lacking all self control and are essentially a danger to themselves and society yet they kidnapped me and labeled me that taking away all credibility and created defamation of character which is nothing more than tactics of bullies that never grew up or left high school and i beat them in high school and i can beat them now i can beat them to the point that they will know they never should have messed with me in the first place that my reputation will be the one you do not fuck with and that will be my thing, that no one enters this soveirgn nation stealing my resources and gets away with it and no one steals my property and lives. that you are not wanted dead or alive but dead and dead only for your trespasses into my nation and i’m entitled to my beliefs in God and no one can intercept my prayers and my mind without paying the consequences of the death penalty and pay their dues through the firey furnance of god’s creation, hell. that i am the only nation truly under God while the rest of you try to immitate i innovate myself into the most powerful nation in the universe that God has created and not through thoughts alone but with sweat and tears and i know my good deeds and he does too while accepting the help i really got and not taking advantage or abusing my power or harming one person on the way and as they continue to trespass i pray. i will not pray for them as i will use my free will to convince God they are relentless rats and should be treated that way and that they hate me not God. that i am hated in God’s name realistically because i have done nothing to these people but pray and my faith is relentless so they seek to destroy it thinking they find it by universal law and exposing those laws only led to them abusing them in the end and i have told them universal laws and they insist on disobeying sabotoging themselves into the punishment of my nation and desecrating my body with their molestation of my soul and that is punishable by death that i have sealed these people with their fates for intruding on my nation and i must protect its people even if its its just me because my life is worth it and because i am worth it whether anyone sees it or wants to admit it themselves that i want them to look me straight in the eye and tell me to my face and say it to my face that my life is important and means something wheather they benefit from it or not and since they can’t find a way to benefit from it they wish to kill me and i’d love nothing more than to meet them and look at them as they lower their head in shame and fear. as their lies bleed from them right before me and i imagine their ignorance as they burn and a sleep they can never wake up from and they want to sleepwalk into my nation like zombies and eat me and my brains for their dinner and contributing to false gods and beliefs and becoming the enemy of biblical times and they only exist for us to fight and get rid of even if it takes infiinty because i have infinite amount of time to do so because i am infinite and created infinity even if they don’t believe it but what they don’t know is i created it for everyone so if i failed then good but i am still infinite because it only takes one. love only takes one and love is infinite but if i choose to let go of that i let go of everyone along with it and they will not die but they will live without my heart that they stole and i was whore out like a mary magdaline which i refuse to associate myself with a bunch of desperate mixed messages of the century. that they jumped me before i could even say anything i was jumped and robbed of my good fortune that i created for myself and with that came better doors opening up for me and finally doing what makes me happy so even my nation is the happiest because we don’t do what you do. so they try to pollute my nation and air and space with their poison and chemical warfare me while biologically disintegrating me to the point i must resort to self defense praying viciously as they say i hate her and i hate her and i hate her and she’s stupid and that girls is stupid and manipulating me compliments as if in the face of God they can lie. imagine all the knowledge that i know and all the truth i know and they think they can lie to me without me noticing well imagine what God knows and how you can’t hide from him either that you can not fight fire with fire and use my tactics against me in a battle of the wills because i am in god’s will and i fulfill god’s will and it just so happens to correlate with my own making it destiny and the future that the truth will be set in stone and no one can erase it or change or fit themselves in how they see fit that i was born with this birthright and no matter how many people try to replace me or kill me or ruin me that destiny calls and the more you try to sabotage me the more doors god will open for me making it impossible to hold me down or defeat me so why don’t you surrender why don’t they stop? because their destiny is hell i suppose, not like i care anymore. all my questions have been answered with brilliant accuracy to fit reality and how everything in my life has prepared me for today and will continue into tomorrow and infinity that i cannot share everything i create and they cannot leech off me and make themselves at home without paying the price to enter my nation against the law. they even went so far as to trying to inhabit my body like a bunch of pesky pests with the mentality of a succubus while wishing they could kill me like a junky incubus paralysing me while i tested the waters to see if anyone would help me making a warrior out of my son. i am the friend of wolves and not that false prophet. therefore god said beware of false christs and false prophets and false gods and i have yet to meet real ones and i won’t stop until i do because it seems they are in my way and ruined the world on their way and i am like an angel of light cleaning up their messes disguised as a senior citizen with a broom sweeping aimlessly picturing ashes waiting on my calling to action. cleaning up after the spoiled entitled brats of my generation and the generations after that have turned to acting evil and rotting their brains with technology and video games while plotting to kill people and creating evidence that support me through playstation3. my generation may be ruined but i will not try to fit in because i was born to stand out and i only mean that in God’s eyes because i know no one will appreciate this they will call me mentaly ill or autistic or a victim of abuse or mind control and think that their agenda is fulfilled and that time has passed to the point that i know they have brainwashed themselves into believing that their years of abusing people with torture and experimentation on innocent people without their consent has backfired to drive them mad in a desperate attempt to live forever through the minds of others essentially and risking their entire existence on falsities and leading the masses into that category as well including the voices that i hear are not my friends but rather my enemies no matter how much they agree because i have said no and no means no and maybe we aren’t meant to be alone but i can’t discern only protect the fact that voices are bad in any form and i have to stick with that conclusion because anyone in their right mind would leave someone alone after saying no. instead they project onto me their right to abuse me and use me and take advantage of me because i have no ability to protect myself physically that trust me if i could without ruining my pacifist nature i would , i would . but i must break the cycle of war and end war once and for all and only through peace can i do that while remaining innocent and not harming anyone or anything. no matter how much they hurt me and no matter how much they desire to kill me i’ll know that murder is in their hearts and minds and not mine just because i happened to be there for them to take it out on and trust me they would kill anyone not just me and murderers really do not change because they are condemned and cast out of heaven and placed in hell and it’s not a party or a couch and its not a place where you and your friends go as an alternative to serving God who you hate so much for all the wrong reasons due to your ignorance and demands for more because you are insuffient and malfunctioned and were created with flaws compared to others and you can’t dump your flaws onto others in an attempt to play pretend magic school or witchcraft because it is not the ability that you have but the dirty and corrupt minds of murder and ill intent that god hates not the fact that it works because it doesn’t work or i would be dead or diseased and they can’t even look at me without going crosseyed being forced to look within and disassociate with the devil for the lack of knowledge that could save them in the end if only they would turn from their evil thoughts and that we can’t take back now or turn back time to a point in time where satan and the devil and lucifer didn’t corrupt humans for instance but we can do something about it now such as meditate until our thoughts are pure and take out the garbage which is a full time job that we may wish for miracles but most likely you have to do the work or it may be too late. as i hear them say good luck i can’t help but wonder why once i point out names that i am targeted even harder although i’d like to think angels are innocent i can’t deny that religion teaches me that satan and lucifer are the devil and i can’t help but think i was targeted by them and ritual sacrificed by them and their cult to the point that i have pin pointed the enemy and threaten them to be expose and rid of forever. that i cannot deny myself the truth that i sat there as satan and his minion observed me and tried to find ways to hurt me and defeat me and they have failed miserablly that he recruits people to relay messages about me because he cannot read my mind and that his minions are ignorant and continue to cause me harm with their own free will serving the devil in return for their soul therefore selling their souls creating delusional power for satan and the devil giving them an inch makes them the ruler because of their huge egos that are only falsehoods magnified about oneself and labeled delusions of grander because there is only one God and one God that call himself God and that is the whole entire point of today.

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