When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

the war rages on and no pun intended but as i look within myself i have nothing left but rage and heartbreak and i can’t be the only one that feels it sometimes i think i could deaf dumb and blind and still fight this war and win. i do not fight angels or demons but only the bad apples of each. it’s like sweeping a little bit at a time until it is all finished and i can look back at my work in a sigh of relief and now i did a perfect job and got every crevice and corner and every crumb they handed me. it all goes out with the trash just like their insults and curses and saliva and diseases. along with their judgements they can never take back because i can refuse to forgive that it won’t eat me alive and they can never take back what they did to me there is only vengence from here on out that you have piled high your shit and therefore have to smell it and live in it and i don’t have to with you because you can never take it back and as long as your around i’ll be here to remind you and stand like a statue of reminders of a victory so victorious heaven awaits me as my reward that people cannot reward me because it isn’t in their nature to do the right thing that their piles of trash can’t be dumped onto me like a dumpster and that’s how they treat me is like their dumpster and that makes me quite the opposite than jesus that i refuse to be treated like a trash can and spiritual whore. that i will die a war hero not a savior that i tried the christian way and saving everyone but i can’t change and i do not want to be like anyone but me and i am a fighter a warrior so prestigious i will be an angel in heaven and there i can fulfill my desires to save people that i may want to do it all in this lifetime in a day but people just don’t have it in them, i’m ahead of my time and i have to accept that i’ll be in the libraries of the future and maybe even dead before anything of this matters and that is what they are banking on and i will not stop or shut up for them and i will keep on doing what i’m doing until the day i die because i will not die in vain and if i do the blood is on their hands and vengence awaits them every step of the way and breath that they take will be borrowed from me and my generation. that i can see to it that you become extinct  and just a distant memory of our pain and suffering without the chance of doing better the next time because hell is for eternity and even if you escape i will be there i promise you that in death i will be way more powerful than i am now and you can kill me and you can do as you please to commit your suicide but you will never get the gifts that god has given me including the lack of fear that you wished you created but i have turned you inside and out to the point that maybe you’ll never stop because you have too many holes in your brain to fill and insteaed of reading a book you’ll try to read my mind and my mind is clear with good intention for justice to manifest no matter how long it takes that even in death i will continue to do gods work and if god knows that’s it’s just a small group of evil individuals than he can just wipe them out with fire and not everyone and as a witness i concure and will testify before God that not everyone deserves to go down for what they have done and continue to do to this day while everyone is clueless to who the enemy is well i can tell them and save them afterall, i’m more than just one thing and can shift my gears faster than any driver.  its no longer about making my name right , not at all as if you could pin point my agenda or intentions but you just aren’t that good at what you do that you’re so incompetant you spread gossip instead of truth and i will never share in a sense that no one will read this because i am unknown and that is their plan to attack the unknown people in a attempt to keep their agenda a secret because no one listens to us or cares about us outside our families and people with money and fame think they are the ones in danger on a daily basis and it is us that are in danger because of them and they have to admit that to themselves and go to hell.

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