When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

smoking cigarettes like the boys in vietnam wishing i had a drink to go with it but instead throwing that in the trash despite my appreciation and ability to be Irish and drink more than the boys but some things just aren’t worth it. sometimes it seems better than this war i’d have to say that’s the truth that’s it’s easier to drink myself to sleep and wake up with the consequences than it is to fight this war and an escape is what i deserve a way out is what i’m searching for and the only way out is winning an invisible war against perverts of the century. but i am the anne frank of the century writing from the attic leaving my remnants behind for others to find and maybe peice together one day to better understand the nature of these people who will stop at nothing to get me and kill me and my family while being intoxicated with delusions that murder is okay and making new commandments like moses like thou shall not torture and that’s all they do is torture an innocent vicilian brought into this by anonymity like an unknown soldier not appreciated until years later as they pass my grave and remember their freedom that i would kill for and die for and follow the footsteps of my ancestors into victory of what i don’t even know yet a spiritual warfare that only i can comphrehend into words of liberation and freedom so refined by the fires of hell and back again traveling through the cosmos to peice myself together to collect my weapons of choice to participate in the hunger games so you don’t have to because you would surely die but not me i would find a way to survive and with god’s protection i am enslaved to protect the world from enslavement of the very few who should retire and shit themselves to death on their deathbed as i look on in sypmathy for lack of better words that my feelings override my words to perform art in god’s eyes and the fire in my eyes says they will perish that my enemies will perish and i will be delivered from evil and not from my bare hands and not by my devices or weapons but by death naturally which leads to them being forced to cope with their evil and life and that they have to find better ways to cope with life rather than hurt people to make themselves feel better and maybe become better people but since they haven’t left me alone yet i can only assume hell waits for them and i cleared it out for them releasing innocence on earth and making jealousy our fuel all the while knowing they have no clue what’s in store for them always being twenty steps ahead of their ignorance and priority to torture us because they take it upon themselves to punish poeple due to their beliefs and we are just the innocent victims of cult behavior on a grand scale and there are thousands of us that won’t bend to their ill will and bow down to their false god and succumb to their evil tactics forged from hell itself and since they know so much about hell why won’t they wake up and realize that it’s their fate and  change their ways before it is too late for redemption and these are the very people that biblically go to hell and if they are curious about the future or their destiny then withdrawl your troops and put down your weapons and start repenting for forgiveness because i myself cannot give it to you i know i’ll die not forgiving you hoping to sway God in my direction of revenge so pure is magically manifesting into the hearts of men everywhere externally floating in the air to whisper i love you to the majority that i have their backs and want nothing in return only them to turn to God and not look to me for the answers but truth from the experiences that i have endured to battle these foes into submission as they read my words right now i would love nothing more than the world to unite against these forces of evil and expell them like the good people that we are and define ourselves by our actions of doing the right thing no matter what and not to be swayed by our own darkness and make excuses for ourselves that we deserve to hurt ourselves by doing the wrong thing like steal from another. that far more awaits you in unity and peace and truth and happiness and war detroys all our desires killing everything receptive of the will of God alluring the innocent passionate hearts to suicide and i fear my enemies are only suicidal and they do kill themselves. i don’t aim to shoot like the boys in vietnam and that’s my choice and god will let me remain a pacifist but doesn’t mean i can’t do my part and collect the remnants of a lost world and stolen property handed back to its rightful owners and dig up gods weapons and arm his army and prepare them and encourage them to do the right things right this minute and not later but now. why hold off something that should be done right this minute and i’ve exhausted all my tools and it’s time to move on and forget about this hell hole unless a divine intervention takes place and i’m lacking the patience and i don’t believe in waiting especially while they are killing people on purpose and never have to face the consequences of electronic harrassment that drives a person to their death and mental illness they otherwise would never have and denied all security due to a vicious cycle of poor judgement and needing more and more and more of what’s already there to begin with and lack the brains to do the research to fix themselves or better understand another or the world around them so they run around like wild banshees and the monkies that they are and resort back to primitive measures and behavior to become just that, devolution at it’s finest and they don’t mind who they take down with them and act like animals because they rather relate to something other than themselves because they wish they were anyhting other than what they are like being human isn’t good enough for them and they hurt their fellow human in every way imaginable due to outdated belief systems and worshipping false idols and black magic that they think is real while they are futile in actuality and continue to be burning in hell for eternity with no escape while i try to sway jesus christ into a direction that these people can’t be saved and to leave it that way and satan to quit giving you second chances and how if people didn’t corrupt them we could make progress but people are manipulative and i used to fall for it too until i saw it for myself i could no longer ignore it and live a normal life that the war was brought to me and no matter where i was it was coming and it was never leaving no matter how hard i cry or pray or what medication i take i can admit that i am a targeted individual drafted by rich people to fight a war they started but are too stupid and money hungry to stop themselves and they don’t want it to stop they want us poor people to keep distracted by this cult while we forge war from heavan bestowed upon them and they think it’s for them that the light is theirs when we producced it and multiplied it like have millions of children in one second and with that you have killed my children and destroyed the truth with your ignorance of self importance and laughing at the misfortunate while you drink your bourbon on ice and clink your glasses to the victory of stealing money over and over and producing money that doesn’t even exist while people starve and the very same people that are going to get you out of this war by exposing the truth and catching the criminals that are domestic terrorists in the end not to mention every other crime they committed to gain the position they have over us in the first place that they had to commit acts of treason and being traitors to america just to gain recognition for our work in the first place while we cry out for the very same people to help us and they think those in charge are on their side just because no one is helping us but just because it isn’t a priority today doesn’t mean it’s not a priority tomorrow or the next day that one day we will see victory it’s inevitable and impossible to lose against everything this country stands for and they don’t realize the benefits of such truth on the country that the country and people in charge missed oppurtunities and not us. we answered the call and we were chosen for a mysterious God to do his work in a manner that reveals the truth more and more no matter what and protects us from evil despite their delusions that it’s working and they are stuck in their own cobwebs of deception and lies and now they have to get out on their own no spider is coming to eat you to take your suffering away because i killed the spider and did not ingest it’s poison. they are weaved in a red web of deception and a blue web of false confidence and green poison of brainwashing positivity constructed to put faces to the good deeds of us and stealing our compensation but we have to live homeless and hungry and not knowing how we are going to pay for our bills like being a war hero isn’t enough for this country that they just want more and more and more and i will live with PTSD without any disabilitiy creating a victory for the enemy but they won’t win that easily just because people are stupid doesn’t mean it’s a point for them but that’s how they see it so if i know the enemies mind wouldn’t you ask me how to defeat them except i don’t know i always just pray and hope for their screams in hell but i know them inside and out and my conclusion is hell and how grateful i am to know it exists and it is to be feared except these hostile torturers have no fear of hell probably due to a deal with the imaginary devil or they truly believe our good deeds are theirs especially after being pumped up by people in power who abused that power to create fake astruanants just to put a face to the lie to only seem like your winning when in fact america is losing big time and if people didn’t have personal agendas it would be over by now why do you think peoples deaths are your oppurtunies and destruction is your creation and your personal vendettas matter? because they don’t never have and never will and you’ve lost a whole generation or two that could do something about it and help people make the right decisions and get them out of ignorance except we are being framed and tortured into darkness where we will build from the ashes of your corpses of expendibility while your laugh breath is used to spit on us as a final attempt to delusionally curse us and the generations after us and this is the fruition of witchcraft that they think is working when it’s just brainwashing the masses into doing their bidding making them look right making it seem like it’s working and shame on those that fell for it and sold out to a technological god and sealed their fates in falsehood doing anything to gain something they didn’t earn not in a million years would they listen and trust God but instead create scapegoats to pour their sins onto and believe i would share just because i’m a good person which is molestation of my heart and soul and mind and that’s honestly what happens so your methods are perverted that you are not heroes of this war but you are the enemy we longed for our whole lives i for one awaited this day like a saint to only wake up to their relentless spilling of cups and thinking they can absorb it like a paper towel while causing plaques on themselves for even trying that i am a huge fan of God’s work and i step aside and let it happen because it does serve my agenda that god aligns with me perfectly like a equal and fulfilling my purpose and destiny and being a real father while no one takes up for this daughter but he will. i’ve seen it through the elements of earth and nature and god controls the weather and it manifested perfectly in order to take up for me in an attempt to wake people up but even he fails sometimes and my heart breaks and drips with the blood of saints and fallen soldiers. if i knew how much god was really doing i would die from heartbreak…

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