When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

this is war. why don’t you understand. my ancestors and heritage are the most victorious in the world, i follow the war and win every time. every battle is won whether you believe it or not. it’s not what you believe that is true but the truth that is true and seek and ye shall find yet you fail to have the courage and understanding and compassion it takes to stop harassing and start your own path that we are basically paving for you as your slaves building the pyramids while losing everything like Job and learning just as gracefully. biblical, of course but they are just trying to slide their way into my story seeking fame and glory in the wrong place while maintaining a demeanor of conceit i’d rather have never known existed and it allures me to the fact that this is war a war between good and evil and the war once again came to me and i did not go seeking it but it’s in my blood to fight you and to win with no mercy except to those that deserve it would die for it and counting the worthy accountable for their actions and good deeds rewarding them with heaven and the father and guaranteeing them heaven as their reward of staying true until the end while our perpetrators attempt the very same thing except they would rather steal it from us then get their on their own they rather buy their way to heaven while i’d rather go to hell than share space with them whether i forgive them or not i know they are worthless and have no purpose other than to fight and they ride my coattails of emotions and think i can offer forgiveness of their trespassing and desecrating my body and i tell them to fuck themselves with a sincerity i could not foresee that all my good qualities and being stubborn has meaning and to stay stubborn like a bull seeing red and trample on them as they are stupid enough to get in my way.

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