When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

when the daylight breaks, i wake, to find myself in the same place. it’s quite odd after being on the road for so long and living like a gypsy to settling down in one place. it’s quite restless and delirious in nature to stay in one place and one would think that would stunt my growth. but what i find is contentment in a time where turmoil runs rampant in the hearts and minds of men. metamorphosis at it’s finest , a different and new breed ignited to unite the nations. to end corruption and war and spoil the murderous thoughts and hearts of white men. another breed of slaves for God to save and liberate. empowered individuals willing to die for what they believe in and turn the tyrants into their prison cells. except there is now more than we can count , people with opinions. opinions of destruction and entitlement not willing to hear the truth which should transform them. instead it turns us into the bad guys and leaves targets on our backs for their resentment to turn us into punching bags at their disposal and to hang from rope creating their demise in disguise. this wrath is a heavy burden of power and with power comes responsibility and rationality. yet i am labeled and boxed and shipped to the devil postage from california and DC. there is nothing more to say than they are cold blooded murderers. and that should be enough. they are flooded with delusions and don’t mind taking the ship down with them instead of going down with the ship they are the ones sinking the ship on purpose because they are sick enough to do so while tossing their illnesses on other people in order to free themselves from the torture they created for themselves and taking it out on others because they can’t handle or cope with the pain or the growing pains of life and growing older and needing to cope with loss and tragedy and money fills their void. raping fills their voids. spilling the veins of the earth suits their needs disrespectively, how they treat the earth is how they treat other people. they gamble on our lives just like they gamble that magically the earth will be restored for them. passing corruption to generation to generations turning generations against each other in the name of a game that is obselete in the hearts and minds of the good. dragged into drama of their own making a soap opera of a country and media to portray that for the few. only the needs of the few are being fulfilled and we have to understand that because when all hope seems lost we have to remember it’s a very small group of people destroying the world and they are all lumped into corporations and cities together. quarantined basically. let to their own caverns of barbaric cavemen behavior and relying on each other is their weakness. their grapevine of lies deceit and manipulation as if any of it matters has become national headlines to devour the sheeple in an attempt to steal all the resources and divy it up between themselves only as if they are the chosen ones which is delusions of grander allowed to take place for far too long now and displays the prime example of how money changes people for the worse and they would do anything to cling to that imaginary power that only buys their way to hell in a masochist environment that lures in many many souls who can never go back to what they once were after being recruited into stalkers of the first degree and come to find out they are channeling us and not other entities. we are tired of being used to the point that we feel molested and raped every time you think of us and continue to work on erasing the memory of ourselves in this world because we are other worldly and don’t have a place in this world of usage of other’s intellectual property just paraphrased in a manner that makes it legal while contributing their work to angels and demons, well we are the angels and demons the very entities that helped you now you are trying to kill through any means necessary except you trusted pathetic losers to do the job and now you may respect us but do we respect you? one must understand that humans have turned to evil ways of being a succubus to us and when we recognize our work they are making billions and billions of dollars while swaying the masses to go along with it and buy their shit and show off their diamonds and guns and all their evil deeds right in front of us and God. displaying a false reality and fake personality which is the definition of pagan that they are fake as can be because they steal instead of becoming who they are they copy original people sexually assaulting us spiritually while thanking the devil for our attributes instead of God.

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