When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

these pills aren’t enough

to quell the passion in me

try to dumb me down

and i grow resistant

to your poison

try to hold me back

and i grow stronger with resentment

insult me and try to humiliate me

and i grow embarrassed for you

creating sympathy

in the form of for the devil

clawing at my sympathy

was your last mistake

because i can grow cold

i can let you go

as you fall in the pits of despair

i can illumiate the crossroads

of a million souls

into recognition of their end

their demise

the moment they touched my eyes

i’m wired for a revolution

i’m inspired by myself

to start a revolution from my bed

shivering the whole night through

while you fuck yourselves

i don’t care what you throw at me

i know your tactics

behind enemy lines

confined and ready

to keep the boat steady

sailing on the winds

of my ancestors

the seas of omens

the backfire of a shotgun

resounds through the night


it’s war

and somehow i knew how to end it.

but you ruined it

prolonged it

for money


kerrious copyright 2018 with all rights reserved

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