When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

confidence soars

like the eagle that says WOE

unlikei the angels trumpet

at least i know we are the same

as i played taps with my soul

like a heaven’s angel

consoling myself


there’s nothing more

to do

or say

i remain in the dark

smoking cigarettes

trying to piece together

the darkness of my life

to create the whole

there’s truth in my darkness

and i can’t deny that

or i deny the truth

and what these people did

in nonredeemable

so it’s like the end days

the time of judgement

and i’m not the one on trial

that’s they good things about having a relationship with God

everything’s going to be okay

even if you don’t know about it

doesn’t mean i’/m not forgiven

doesn’t mean i didn’t transcend duality

and doesn’t mean i didn’t transcend my punishment

for lack of concern

after all i was taught this is all just temporary

and so i live it that way

i have lived a good life

raised up right

and rose up from the dead

reborn and restored

outer body experiences

remind me of the truth

of things that happened in the darkness

and i can only imagine how i’ll be

once i know all of it

yet it feels like an illusion

one big headache

things better left alone

yet it resides in me

a thirst for justice

instead of blood

a missed opportunity

for liberation

of a girl

and a child

in a land of decay

why can’t she have it her way



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