When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

time after time

warning after warning

and here we are

in the same spot


in the mud

of a trench the size of your deceit

impressionable minds

open hearts

prime meat for the likes of him

beautiful souls

and faces

is whom he attacks

as if we have anything in common

but only things he wants

a beautiful memory

forcasted as his next meal

leaving me alone

to do your bidding

no one is in the clear

i hold none of you dear

and what do others matter

in the scheme of things

what does an interaction do

besides drain my energy

and remind me

it’s pointless

just like you

utterly and despairingly pointless and pathetic

how can a beautiful gift

be labeled as a disease and disorder

like you can re-order

i want to say

what i mean to say

i want you to go away

i want you to stop killing people

i want her on a silver platter

ready to pink of my amulet

and singe you all

seal you for hell

and no savior in sight

but true consequences

and responsibility for your actions

except i know better

than to take it upon myself

but doesn’t mean it’s not the truth

i can be ruthless

man on the roof

if we work together

i’ll pick up a feather

i’m here to make my name right

to rid my world of such lies

and punish those who gossip

the truth resonates with me

and all they do is try to change it

by spying, intercepting, and lying

just like they do worldwide

creating a divide

in the mist of peace itself

they should have accepted the negiotation

the peace treaty

instead i got the evil eye


what mother?

grandmother to you

eye worshiper

kali fucker

temples of deceit

relying on false gods

to interpet your life for you

nasty pagans

i go to the most high

not some lord

and i am whole

not a master at one thing

but of everything

humanly possible

pagans steal from us

this means war

if you steal our intellectual property

you are a pagan

i declare a state of emergency

and take it to God

and sit on the right hand

a brotherhood banded together

to get our stuff back

even if i overflow

it’s not good enough

i’m the dark messiah

and they are liars

sacrificing me ?!

to an invisible friend

something not even real

sacrificing me to your own disease

as if i’m  your cure

but no,

i am your Goddess

and i bring the fire.


kerrious copyright 2018 with all rights reserved.

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