When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

are you ready to serve your country?

gleam in my eye

like seeing stars

a new mission

to fill the void

maybe money has nothing to do with it

it didn’t for me

i don’t expect an award or reward

but why choose me

if your not listening

mezmorize me with fireworks and colors

independence and freedom

firework spirits and bombs

distracting you

from prophecy

the sky is pink

and the star violet

it all backfires

like the sounds you portray

i am the violet ray

co-creating with God

to reveal the truth

i am a crossroads demon

asking you which way

to the times of darkness and lies

or the time of light and truth

your choice

and i’ll hold you to it

to release the hounds of hell

if you choose

you shouldn’t have resurrected me

if you don’t like what you hear

so they go right

and they go left

but never straight forward

and that is what i offer

straight up

actions and words

and i stole your soul

in exchange for mine back

to be fully intact

i infiltrated my enemy’s domains

to gain control

and kill him

once and for all


kerrious copyright 2018 with all rights reserved


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