When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

let this all be a warning

of a true prophet

blame her disease

blame her delusions

her dreams

her imagination

her abuse

her molestation

her rape

attempted murder

or the targeting

the sabotage

the false hope

the games

the lies

deceit and manipulation

the jews


the silent holocaust

goes unseen

by those who could do something

and still they do nothing

the rules are

we must

rely on the goodwill of the people

and so far i’ve been sniffed

and put away to rot in hospitals and prisons

yet the real criminals are rewarded

for letting evil reign

where do you think that’s going to get you?

humans are evil at the core

not good

the only good they have in the hearts and spirits

is that of Jesus

and it ain’t even them!

the only good they have in their spirits

is that of the holly spirit!

and that ain’t even them either!

the only good they have in their life

evil created

not God

yet they say under God

what devil worship

and he’s marked you

and opened spaces for you

in his domain

and i say good

he has a purpose

i understand

God made the devil

to rid us of you.

kerrious copyright 2018 with all rights reserved

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