When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

almost there

vaguely in the distance

i try to retrace my steps

connect the dots

in no particular order

shaing with wrath

i want to pour it out ony

onto them

i want to unleash myself

on the world afterall

i want to create the fall

when the bough breaks

cradle will fall

that means all

no wonder i feel alone

not lonely

find the others

at the minimum


a lost tribe

chosen by God

but what does that matter

tell me?

to become like them?

isolated and superiority complex?

i see my future all right

i see the crossroads

and winding roads

and mountain peaks

and choices i have

and answers as soon as i need them

i ain’t like them

i’m a trembling fool

angry at the humans

me against the world

i, alone

and me alone only

stands apart

separate from these evil selfish beings

paving the path the hell

yet they point at others

when they should look in the mirror

maybe the ability escapes them

to observe themselves

my mind’s eye is my witness

my soul is my testimony

my heart is my disciple

my mind is my earth

my flesh is my canvas

and my bones a dancer

my blood is my words

and my feet my chosen ones

my hands the healer

my eyes the truth

and my ears the devil

counting stars and wishing

for a true lesson

of redemption

of vengence

to obscure

i can’t be sure

i’m your devil

dragging you to hell

voice and all

and one day i know

that boy

will burn and scream

but no one will save him


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