When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

i believe i have a right

to fight in self defense

i will draw my black sword

and dawn my black wings

and paint myself blue

just to disappoint you

you ignored my most important prayer

left me there bare

not like you care

didn’t trust me?

why should i trust you?

didn’t listen?

why should i listen to you?

didn’t read it?

why should i read you?

why should i do anything at all

to save you

why should i do anything besides

watch you try to kill me

fallen by wrath

and pride

dead on arrival

wanted you

needed you

but what i came to find out

is you hated me

or was it an act?

i have to ask.

so much faith down the drain

a mutual understanding?

from the universe

a mutual agreement

from my friends

i just wanted to be yor friend

except you filled my head

with darkness

things that could be true

or things that aren’t

it could go either way

i don’t play with scales

i’d rather go to hell

then pretend to be just

pretend to be fair

pretend to care

i’d rather grow cold

and grow old

than pretend i made a mistake

and maybe i did

sometimes i think it would be better off

destructed into oblivion

and i dream of ashes

devouring the planet

but they look to me like a God

doesn’t mean i told them too

why punish me if they worship me?

i didn’t plan it

why can’t i be loved?

and why must they all die?

who are you?

but a king?

telling me you save?

but have you yet?

i’m filled with regret

for relying on an imaginary friend

in my heart in not enough

my lips was not enough

for i know i’d rather live with my mistakes

than be tortured

and crippled

but when i look to the light

it is enough

but i can’t do this myself

an imagination can’t do harm

it’s innocence at work

but still they live

God will not stop letting me down


or is it plain pride

that people are hypocrites because god is a hypocrite

that i do the very things

that piss me off in other people

minor details of inventory tossed out

my heart breaks

that i’m not enough

for people to listen

my heart breaks

that the very people i saved

tossed me away

my collaboration with God

is ruined

my creation

turned on me

and i know what it feels like to be God

like we have lived the same lives

it should be enough

but i have it rough

you give people what they want

and they shout more

so i hate God

for making humans

and really i hate humans

for thinking they’re special

for not appreciating me

for all they’ve done to me

while on earth

so tell me ?

i can be as hateful and angry as i want forever

and i’ll still go to heaven


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