When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

my thoughts

floating near an ocean right now

are coming back to me

in the form of lies

witches eyes

stare at me

in surprise

magic tricks use me


i am sacrificed

again and again

what sin…

i am stoned


but they awoke a giant

one they cannot defeat

one that cannot be brainwashed

into disbelief

i know every dirty deed

every impure thought

towards me..

i’m not keeping score

but i can’t tell you more

besides you’ve been tried

for treason

for betrayal of my loyalty

and the wrath hailed down upon you

for holding me back

until i fucking snap

and then i black out

and the giant awakens

to get rid of you

let you think it was you

who decided to get rid of me

because i haven’t the heart

to say goodbye

so i use your hearts

your blacken stricken hearts

to do my bidding

of goodbyes….

and they fall for it every time

now i am free

free from the past

this time it will last

my job here is done

they think they’ve won!

just a portrayal

of their denial

their usage

of yet another demon

a portrayal

of their high hopes

of being a traitor

to an angel

look at me know

without you

how dreams really do come true

no thanks to you

but the portrayal of a show

to prove i’m right

and the grand finale

the scientific conlusion

to go with it

fly little birdie

you’ve learned enough from me

id warp their minds

with acts of darkness

make them forget me

i wanted it back

and so i got it

laugh at me?

we’ll see…

want me to fall?

and lose it all?

i don’t think you get it

my plans unfolded to reveal

the true me afterall

alone is my happiness

don’t you see?

what you think harms me

is my refuge

what you think is odd

is God.

what you think is misfortune

is a warning

that i’m close

breaking the system of chaos

destroying it from within

person to person


take care

there’s a lot of bad things out there….


kerrious copyright 2018 with all right rserved

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