When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

glass shards and sabatoge

destruction of my home

destroying the exterior

makings its way into the interior

to grab my heart

rape my soul

immortalize me

give me the time they took

or the ability to hear

them scream in hell

he said my life

was like the inferno

walking around

observing the creatures

of the underworld

but what about my world

my dreams

my afterlife

my screams

silent screams galore

thanks for calling me a whore

destroy me for eternity

while i gain the time

to take back what’s mine

my life

is not yours

the macro and micro

collide in this flesh and bones

to allow me to know

it’s not a show

but my reality

turned golden

monsters of destruction

where are you now?

now that i survived

where are the answers to my prayers

why let them win?

i’ll never pray again

or cry for forgiveness

i never wanted anything

or asked for anything

so why must they torment me

into asking?

into praying?

i was doing just fine

always prepared to survive

the dark ages

can’t sway them all

after the fall…

when the bough breaks

i’m resurrected

with purpose

and the tyrants in my hands

true forms of mercy

i can’t forget

i remember everything

every detail

yet it cascades through my brain

to represent a bigger picture

fill in the blanks

write your own story

leave me alone

i’ve got a clone

destroy me?

enjoy me

destroy my planet

animals and all

take the land

rape pilliage and steal

because that’s all you are

your whole lives are based off corruption

destroy the outer

i’ll destroy the inner

because i can keep the core

a secret

buried forever in a time capsule

to prevent you

from knowing the truth

to protect the truth

from being destroyed by you

my truth…

is something you will never find

like the core of an apple

i’ll bury the evidence

cast out and drowned

buried alive

to catch a glimpse

you can’t detroy

what i have seen with my senses

hard evidence

and i will not stop

until you stop

so voices

voices of the dead

you leave me here

with dread

torture me

and you’ll see

i don’t lie

and you’ll never have it.

i’ll cater you just to poison you

i’ll clean up after you just to hate you

i’ll do it all…

because i didn’t fall.


kerrious 2018 with all rights reserved copyright


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