When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

What once was surroundings of beauty

Now remains in the shadows

Peeking its head around the corner

As if it’s being shy

And maybe it’s not as dark as I thought just really shy

But I miss it

Now everything is bleak

And the only thing I really have is my soul

To remind me of better days

Days almost forgotten

And days yet unknown

But the difference between then and now

Is I don’t have to look outward for beauty

As I have found it in myself

I don’t need to look anymore to fill that void

No need to search for it in nature

Because it’s better to understand me and then see in nature then it is to understand in nature first and then me

That magic will happen again

It’s only a matter of time and patience

And that void that was once Soothed by nature

Now is Relinquished by the adult I’ve become

That as I grow I can see the whole world growing

Truth is I still see the beauty I see it of course except I see a bunch of people destroying it

And it depresses me

See it’s the people that keep us in darkness

I sat for days and days and days and watched them usher in the dark ages

And they had a choice

But they chose defiancey

Taking my heart with them

They chose to destroy

Taking my creation with them

Killing my soul

So when it comes down to it

I can’t help but not care


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