When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’m going to go to hell and save some people away already did that. And yes they are snobs and they are mumblers and false witnesses that God cannot believe the Gossip, you have to hear it out of the horses mouth. So I will meet my creator and it won’t be because of manipulation and it won’t be because I said please. I won’t be because I lied. And I only deceived for him. It won’t be because I have a child or husband or know somebody that knows somebody. I won’t be because I keep my thoughts so private that you look innocent. I’ll be an open book set the bar high for the most antisocial selfish people imaginable. I don’t suppose I have many Friends there after all just my father. And I know what you’ve done to him. So fuck you I’m not scared I’m really not fucking scared as much as everybody wanted me I’m sure I’ll be welcome somewhere.I do not trust that one boy talking down to my father or the whispers behind it and my vengeance is just beginning on earth as it is in heaven and heaven as it is on earth I will still seek to annihilate your hatred and Impure thoughts of judgment That you think you’re entitled to because you did make it into hell where you belong in all actuality by the standards I’m raising. And even buy your own standard you should be. How’s all that gold? Did u buy your way into heaven did you get to take it with you? And you hate the Egyptians? Fuck off.

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