When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

In heaven I have met the most judge mental rude and personable antisocial people I have ever met. The only people that sit back and let evil rain. The only people that sit back and watch and do nothing about it besides sit there and judge over and over and over and over again. They don’t even know me they don’t know me. That I know what people have done to get into heaven. I know damn well they’re sick intentions with children and husbands and I know they’re evil because their thoughts are. That when they found out I was going to Heaven they said you just let anybody and now don’t you? Well what if I don’t want to because why would I want to share space with any of those people. To be judged again? How good is having that people are fucking for it and producing offspring for it there meal ticket.That heaven if it’s really paved with gold is disgusting while people are starving. How dare you focus on the afterlife while you’re supposed to be contributing to society. And we can’t sit here and wait for Jesus to come back and do it so I held the cures for A sick society. And if only I was in contact with the right person and maybe I am. But I don’t mind while knowing I’m being watched to use the time wisely and give free cures to society. To make heaven just as diverse. Despite what these people say I’m in it all the way home. See I don’t like me or my friends names being dirtied. That I have the same philosophy as other dark angels and I’m not bad and I’m going to Heaven despite being cast out for a misunderstanding which makes me feel stupid to say that God is all knowing because I guess he’s not. I guess I actually do have to explain myself in due time. That nobody and heaven hell earth can tell me what to do either. I’m not gonna listen to snobs and I’m not gonna listen to people so I’m going to go to hell and save some people.

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