When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I can hold my breath for however long it takes just leave me alone that’s all I ask. I don’t understand when somebody actually wants to be left alone they won’t leave me alone but there are plenty of people out there you want the attention. Why not give people what they want instead of what they don’t want? Why must they emulate the different aspects of me? But they could never be the dark angel that I am. They really don’t have what it takes that’s how I know they are separate from me because when I am asked to leave somebody alone I leave them alone. This wrath is hurting my head my vision gets blurry and my back heavy with a burden of power. It’s hard being the only one without a mask without invisibility without my disease. My disease was my coping mechanism my coping mechanism was to let the dark consume me and then use it to self sabotage but not anymore that everything bad happened to me in my life because of self sabotage. But I didn’t want anybody that couldn’t except my darkness or try to change me or tell me I wasn’t this or that enough because I New deep down what was going on and if they had the guts to stick around and find out good for them but if not another one bites the dust. That finally that ball of clay that is my heart is being squeezed out and replaced with peace and forgiveness. And my soul cleansed in the fires of darkness.And that’s as deep as the rabbit hole goes.

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