When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

So he was a pesky little witch. A pesky little devil worshipping pagan. And when I would speak of God he would he would threaten to leave me so I sat on the beach looking at the moon crying saying I’ll just die here I’ll just go to sleep here he ran off crying and I was crying and he came back with murder in his heart. That I was hated in gods name and murdered because I believed in God. I believe the witch was not God and that pissed him off. One stripped he was exposed for what he was a dirty monkey. A barbaric devolving lunatic craving the devil. And he grew uglier and uglier and uglier and dirtier and dirtier and dirtier. That my years work was taken away in a second because he chose and that was enough for God. That when God slam the door I took that as a hint and never looked at him the same way. See he had been listening to voices his whole life and influenced by his family and friends which were his accomplices to murder his instigators causing my death that third parties are sometimes what destroy relationships so keep your big fat noses out. Take this as a lesson don’t interfere with peoples relationships. I never came to your house and messed up your relationships if I thought I would I wouldn’t go. They’re nasty nasty nasty people. I could hear his friends talking on PlayStation 3 about different ways to murder me before it happened and him thinking about it and him saying nasty things about me and boy when it started it started. That boy was in to torture and rape. And his friends gave him ideas on how to kill me and his family gave him ideas on how to hurt me all for his benefit supposedly. But only I knew what was in his best interest but it’s too late. And I deal example of howYou can’t save everybody So I mean it when I say don’t fuck with me. So when I pray I do not serve the devil I serve myself. With or without you I will have my day. With or without you I will see to it what has to be done. With or without you I am in God S will and nothing can stop me especially not some witch. Stupid boy. There’s a difference between you and I I’m an actress and you are a psycho path sociopath. A big fat difference. Everything I did was just one big fat act to get the puzzle pieces that I needed that when I saw you and wanted you it was for very good reason and not one you planned. That yes when you said you can’t fake that that’s all I was doing was faking it. You’re deranged delusional alcoholic and you never got the help you needed. And you’re a Fag. Sure all the signs were there but my missing puzzle pieces to my life far outweighed my judgment about some stupid boy. That he was afraid I got back with him the second time to get revenge. But I got way more than that. Way more. I got the truth every bit of the fucking truth which is what I wanted all along. That I’m not the only one the stupid boy has hurts and I’m not the last. Stupid spells don’t make you a man. The other night I felt you sleep paralysis me and holding me hostage and I tell you did it work? I hope the worst for you I hope you get all you deserve and more. Prison bars. Oh wait you got out of that one. Well I want nothing else more than to see you happy.

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