When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

See your experiences in life can change anything in an instant. A second of an experience can change your whole entire existence. I slap in the face could either send you the prison or a back on the streets to do it again or seducing A deranged Mentality. That we had one thing in common the devil. The devil tried to get me when I was seven years old except I didn’t fall for it which was the exact opposite case for him. The one thing we had in common was the devil. And with one slap in one confession I was hooked. I missing puzzle piece discovered as he brought so many to my life like magic like destiny like it was meant to be. Like we were meant to fight this together. Not each other. But something took over him I guess he needed somebody to blame and what timing. That I the one person that was willing to save him and fight beside him for the very same reasons in the very same justice and vengeance and I just happened to be the punching bag as well. The one to blame the one to frame. While he played victim but buddy I was the victim of the same thing except not in that deep. He had been serving the devil since he was four years old and I said no. But just knowing that he was so easily swayed to betray me I don’t know why he would kick me out every time he was getting better it’s like he rather serve the devil and so he did. And when I recognize this pattern and how he was listening to voices and how even the voices were letting him go like he was being set free but fell back into the same traps and now they want me in that same trap that he brought nothing but misfortune to my life although I was the only one fighting for him that deep down we were after the same thing to kill the devil. To kill the one that was third in our years when we were children. But he abused it he ruined my very best opportunity. He always was a fuck up. But I don’t think you can fuck up worse than that. When God slams the door on you you know you have to leave. So he was just another stupid boy and not a soldier. I hated to see him go down like that but he was serving the devil. And there’s no way in hell he could drag me down so he murdered me. Giving the devil exactly what I wanted which allowed God to resurrect me and his name. And Jesus Christ to heal me and angels to hear me. That oh then he brought nothing but misfortune and childhood trauma and a ritual sacrifice to go along with it he is the victim right? I still remember seeing myself sitting by his side with my hand on his back as he was drying out. I still see myself stopping him from choking me into sleep in his sleep and putting my arm around him and telling him it’ll be OK as they raped me all the while he was safe in my arms Well an angel swooped in the hover over me and I can’t remember anything after that. I still remember him giving me the blindness saying you want your stuff back? And then he flipped his fingers and I became almost blind but I defeated that of course it was nothing but fake light intimidating me and I wonder how many people fell for that and are blind now. Because of some pesky little witch. He’s a stupid which and after I defeated the blindness I started to fake cry to get a reaction out of him and he said baby don’t go anywhere I need you here it’s like you really thought I was going somewhere? You really think I’d fall for that fucking bullshit? Of course you need me here I’m the only one taking care of you for the past year and every way imaginable. Yet on the only one you hate and the only one who tried to kill and the only one you never said sorry or thank you too and the only one you treated like shit. Because God was stripping you like the mental patient you are.

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