When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

The war hits really close to home. And when it hit it hit hard. I served this country and got nothing in return. I struggle every day and can’t pay my bills this month. I don’t think sacrificing everything to struggle was my plan but now it is. And I’m pretty good at it that when left my own devices I will survive. I will thrive. It’s difficult but I manage. I don’t blame anybody but I sure could except the one that I could blame could be a figment of my imagination. He might not even be real it all it mitis all the technological. But he knows who he is. And I’m getting married and having kids so tell me how I’m going to do that with him around? I can feel it becoming closer and closer to him disappearing because I deserve that. I deserve to get married and have kids and for fill a dream of having a family of my own. I don’t deserve to hear voices and as long as I hear voices it’s kind a hard to bring a child into this world knowing that they might to hear voices. But with my mother change a thing just because I hear voices? No. Therefore nothing is stopping me. They doubted me they said I was mentally ill they said she’s never get married they said she never have kids they said she never amount to anything but I far exceeded those limitations along time ago. It wasn’t until I filled somebody’s fantasyAnd told them what they wanted to hear that they said once my husband finds out how I really a.m. he’s not gonna want anything to do with me. Because they think that I don’t show my true self when all I ever do is show my true self whatever form it may take. It’s just too bad that person didn’t appreciate it. It’s too bad that this person took a vantage of it my whole entire life it’s a shame I pray for you. I’ve dealt with far worse than you frenemy. You were always jealous.And it showed and then you prove to me that you still are. But no honey once my husband sees who I really am he’s never going to leave me because unlike you I get better every day instead of worse I review better things instead of trick my husband into gettinG pregnant. I wouldn’t lie to my husband. And I wouldn’t do anything to ruin it so I knew I had to get rid of you somehow so I created this elaborate scheme to get the truth out of you first once I got that truth it was easy. It was easy to get rid of you because you were toxic to my life. Goodbye so-called best friend finally I am free. No longer will I have to look at your fucked up marriage filled with lies and you’re mooching off your husband and the fact that I got you two together with no appreciation and how maybe you’ve always been jealous he used to have a crush on me even though it was not mutual at all. And how I saw your son In a dream and I will miss him. But what can I do for you? Is Jesus Christ going to save me? Can I read your mind? All of the above. Siri while you were so busy being jealous and wasting all your energy on being jealous and fake and living your life on the Internet I was busy revealing your true colors and how you’ve been fake since day one. Always gossiping about others to make yourself feel better. Not respecting your husband enough. Tearing him down just like you do me. You’re so negative and it’s OK to get rid of toxic people. For you have no clue. No clue at all. You were a mistake. You held me down for far too long especially in school. Your jealousy especially of my other friends tore us apart. So just remember that remember how jealous you are every time you think of me. PS drink one for me hypocrite

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