When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Dear God I am really disappointed in these humans that are disguised as angels and demons. They are disgrace and give humans a bad name. Don’t look at them as a representation of the race as a whole. They are very small and minute group. And I know you can do something. See the battle is no longer mine so I pray. That I have used all the gifts that you’ve given me and it’s not enough for these evil people there for learning your lesson that not everyone can be saved and it breaks my heart. It breaks for them and it breaks for me and I wish they were not intercepting my prayers I would hope that I can have some privacy to pray not because I’m embarrassed but because they do not deserve to hear my prayers they tortured me for years and nothings going to change them. Therefore learning your lesson that you can’t change people it just feels like we’re one in the same that even when you’re gone I pursue what it is you are to teach me there for my soul goes on auto pilot it’s like the truth is there therefore born with knowledge. I just pray that while this knowledge is being disclosed they change still. Or I pray for hell. My life has been dark and my reputation is dark and my reputation is going to be dark deeds therefore I am your dark angel. I’ll be known in heaven for these deeds and my name is perfect. I will be a legend

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