When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

In order to have this type of wrath God must be dark too. That evil people need to quit disgracing darkness. Quit claiming to be what you’re not. I am a dark angel which means I am hidden and suppressed. I’m not going to deny the fact I am oppressed And held hostage making me hostile. I will never deny the fight for my life. I won’t deny that these people hold me down and if I can rise higher than they being dark then that will surely prove that they are evil and there is no redemption and get people that are in the darkness hope. To. Not deny those that choose to dwell in the darkness in the dark ages at that. Tonight deny that we are Well equipped to survive whatever they do to destroy the world and as a profit in the past I warned you and I warned you when I warned you and when he wouldn’t stop the harassment and when he wouldn’t stop just stop not even change just stop I knew those days were over I knew which role to play and went to play it and how to play it and who to play it too. I can’t be blamed for outliving you. I can’t be blamed due to a misconception that essentially is being labeled bad because evil would sell anything out. So a dark angel is both dark and light intertwined into a beautiful existence of truth and justice. Brought to you in a time where it is needed most yet I’m tied up in murdered. Tell me why you thought you had the right to do that? I get to choose who where when why why my perpetrators down to the very last breath you will take.I will steal you and Val and you to hell. You want to play like a game? Then you can go for eternity you’re worse than Hitler at least Hitler got out of hell but I don’t see you guys getting out of hell. Thou shall not torture. And as a prOphet and child of God I mean it. Pretty easy. But you just won’t stop will you because the funny thing is you think it’s working.

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