When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Once I’m gone I’m gone I am sincerely go on. I can be anything I want to be and if I’m a dark angel I’m a new breed not falling. But as a dark angel in heaven I will pray for vengeance I will pray for a happy ending I will pray that all targeted individuals get released from this bullshit toxic environment. You are killing people and I have consequences whether you’re in prison or not in list consequences burning for eternity. And you could not succeed putting me in hell could you? You may have tried to surround me with Halle you may have tried to turn the whole world and to hell and since were targeted individuals don’t fit in hell you’re going to make them fit in hell? Turning profits into jailbirds turning profits into jokes turning gods gifts miracles and people enter fucking what? I will seal you for hell for eternity just think about that. And I will watch. Just make sure you’re there and not escaping so many fucking times like you do on earth because in hell there is no escape is the perfect vengeance which reminds me that God is perfect and I am perfect and the more I am me the more I see God in me and how can you deny yourself that would be denying God how can you deny God because that would be denying yourself. But no matter what you do to portray an image of me in your own words in front of the judge does not mean that God doesn’t see what I really a.m. Just because you try to get me to Blendon doesn’t mean I don’t stand out. I don’t think you understand what I was right with God or how else do you think he prepared me to kick your ass. It is just time for you to cut the shit like it doesn’t matter if it’s the apocalypse it’s still your life it doesn’t matter if it’s the end days judgment or not it doesn’t matter if this is biblical or not. What matters is you will die one day and you have to go to hell or heaven. And you’re making that choice as I speak to go to hell you’re making that conscious choice using your own free will to take you there never once doing it out of love or compassion or to serve a purpose or to do the right thing. You are doing it solely to destroy the world because inside you is distraction that’s your fate as hell so you were betraying it to the exterior exterior world because and interiorly you know where the fuck you’re going what can change that unless you stop? Literally the day I wake up and do not hear them is the day that I know they make it better very very very very sick but sick enough but not sick enough to make it an excuse for their behavior they’re very conscious they’re very capable of stopping very. But I can tell you what I see but I can tell you what God said there are no redeemable qualities of these people even if I see that there is I just have to trust God.

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