When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Cell as they go around like a loony tunes and spit insults they are only digging themselves a deeper hole I will bathe and salt. That’s on the succubus cannot win. So i’m angry that that stupid sake of us took it upon herself to open the cellar door to seek refuge in the very thing she betrayed and her only vocabulary being bitch she must of been talking about herself. Call me a bitch and I’ll call you a succubus. Call me a whore and I’ll see to it. What don’t you understand? Why don’t you understand not to fuck with me and I always win and I don’t have to rely on demons or Satan or Lucifer I don’t have to rely on any of the bullshit that you do Hell I don’t even have to rely on light. That the violet ray was the least of my worries. Extracting earths magnetic field to the point of nogravity yeah the least of my worries. And I did it by mistake because they fucked with me they didn’t know my mind could do that until they beat you Kayde me enough for it to happen it scared the shit out of them and no I did not do what you think I did. Did I clean up their fucking mess sure but they don’t know me anything and I don’t I don’t have an exclamation. I just hope everybody enjoyed the consequencesI fucking with me and that’s not the worst that can happen.

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