When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Why do they come back every single day? What is it that keeps evil going? What keeps them swaying back-and-forth back-and-forth back-and-forth? What allows them to think they have a purpose? Because they really don’t especially if it consist of harassing stalking torturing molesting raping and murdering people slowly. That just because I’m alive doesn’t mean there weren’t others before me that have died because of this and others in the future that will. If you could prevent rape and murder wouldn’t you? But no instead everything is used to harass and torture these people instead of save them? So the only thing you need save from is yourself and that’s work you have to put in C I saved myself and then Jesus saved me but you can’t even save yourselves and I have to be saved. And if I was going to go into battle as a warrior I was going to be prepared. But I don’t think I’m prepared to answer this question. I think I answered it by saying what didn’t you do something to stop it instead you watch people have sex. You use it to play pranks and jokes and games. You started this war. That I can tell you you’ve done nothing besides sit on your asses. Look you’re not like me you can’t just work from home. You’re not like me so quit trying to emulate me. Quit trying to be me quit trying to take over my body quit trying all this stupid witchcraft that isn’t even real. Quit fucking with me. You may think that’s a challenge to say oh it isn’t real but I can tell you the real will beat the fake. ThatYou have a long way to fucking go and one of my dreams as always not letting people drag me down in school or whatever but to not let me stoop to their level in order to have friends. And God made that come true so no I will never be like you and you are not like me. That everybody has something you just have to find yours. And if I were to be an actress I was going to be one hell of a one. So much so that people thought they could walk all over me and take advantage and rape me and attempt to murder me as if no one cared because I was a Lonewolf. Because their eyes missed calculated they fell for gossip rumors lies deceit and manipulation and not by me but by the consensuses by archaic believes racist and bigotry. And I was attacked and attacked and attacked and attacked as if I could not read your mind? As if you were the masters of deception? As if you were going to tear me apart? As if I didn’t win every time shattering your illusions always obstructing boundaries and limitations of the mind?As if you literally could be a misogynist pig and get away with it? Or you can rape my peoples land and get away with it? Like you can rape me and get away with it? You can try to murder me and put spells on me and use your measly crumbs? When I got the whole loaf? Although America says it’s OK to do that and get away with it and obstruct people from justice doesn’t mean God will. That my justice will come in the form of you not even knowing. I know everybody that tried to harm me whether it was just a thought or an action which is pretty petty like God is not petty God is true justice the true form of justice and liberty is God weather America will give it to me or not I will get it I get what I want not because I’m entitled or spoiled brat like the rest of you that because I earned it and I worked hard for it and it’s always taken away isn’t it? America you’ve succeeded at taking away for me long enough. But how can you take God away from somebody are you going to kidnap him brainwashed him torture him feed him pills until he hates me like you do everyone else until they hate God? They hate god because you’re malfunctions. And God knows that. So while you’re looking at us as the punished ones and you saw it is your duty to do so makes you the most delusional sick people on earth. To take it upon yourself to punish people and who said what time it was? It wasn’t time for you to get out the scales or the judge. It’s not that hard. That when I look to your future I see ashes. And I’ll be so into my good life that I won’t even notice you’re gone. I’ll be so into the things that I worked hard for to be sympathetic towards people that rape pillage and steel. California is already in ashes because they target peopleAnd continue to do so to this very second. That if you would’ve listened to targeted individuals a long time ago. How can you believe that Mohammed is a profit when he didn’t even predict anything? Yet real prophets get sent to jail. Look you don’t want help in my day of being a profit is pretty much over. I leave you now to your own distraction. And I will never open that time capsule for you. That my dream will come true and that’s not me selling out. So what’s the other option? Fire and brimstone ashes to ashes we all do not fall down just you all. I do not need to be told that I’m getting closer you sound like my attempted murder as if you know what I’m reaching for buddy. You have no clue no clue because I am original and I’m not here to please you I’m not here for anybody to follow me either. Do not dare comment. Don’t tell me I’m closer when I’ve been there for years and years and years and years just tell me what I’m getting closer to? When I’ve been there the highest of the high’s while alive not waiting to my deathbed to confess my sins not waiting to the deathbed to say sorry not waiting till my deathbed Stephen question it not waiting till my deathbed not having a midlife crisis escaping all the clichĂ© bullshit. So I I question why my perpetrators don’t stop and go work on that. If they cannot comprehend what it means to leave somebody alone then they are evil bullies who never grew up boys with expensive toys. I’m ashamed we’re in the same generation because I don’t know you. I do not recognize my generation. How did the world succeed at turning generations against each other? Not like they traded the same path I have to come to the conclusion that not everybody can be saved. I really have to let go of all attachments to this place to be completely spirit and like Jesus my spirit is out there but yet I am home not missing anything not missing anything at all. That you can taste my stuff but you can never have it you may feel me pass by but I’ll never be in you. I’m externally they’re not internally. So I know I am not Jesus Christ and and if he is in my heart he doesn’t talk to me. That maybe it was just a form of protection make a metaphor. But salvation is real. And if I thought love existed I sure as hell was going to find it. And if death existed I sure as hell was going to find it. Only to be resurrected into a cesspool. Into one big shit show but it was my mission it was exactly the things I wanted to fight and all you are is my opponents never friends never lovers never anything but a girl that smiled. And a girl who loves to cry girl who can wish she could change you but knowing she can’t. I failure and her mind is actually a success and God’s because now this girl doesn’t have to be in battle anymore she can have a new life she’s not out there anymore. Even if you give the president the tools he needs to fight this it will just be ignored because they’re entitled to our property. That I am being protected from something done a little curious doesn’t mean I approve doesn’t mean I would give anybody permission which is not consent. Therefore she can also stay what’s right and what’s wrong it doesn’t mean anybody’s going to listen. That they’re so stuck on an agenda not to get caught that I wouldn’t doubt if people are just fucking with them at this point. Fucking with them 10 times harder than I ever could. That I have to believe I wasn’t the first to want to fight all of this I just have the evidence to prove through remote viewing. And it’s my eyes ears and mouth aren’t enough evidence for you then shame on you. That if people can just go around sacrificing each other when God would never want you to sacrifice you must be schizophrenic. Siri I will kill Satan for fucking with me there for killing your desires. Killing your help you’re false hope at that. No one fucking rapes me and gets the fuck away with it no one. I will in self-defense get every last single fucking person that was in on it too. Now look at California isn’t that a prime example of what fucking happens? And I’m not slowing down for anybody. You had fucking two years to repent and compensate me and say you’re fuckingSorry. And what did you gain? Ashes

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