When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I want to remember a time where I thought I was in love and it really was blindness despite all the warnings despite all the knowledge I still got my messages mixed up. I still fell into the hands of my attempted murder but once I was fooled it’s like I could never be fooled again. Haven’t you ever heard of seduction? As a weapon? Well I’m still alive. Even if it didn’t work and remember it was just a child playing but I know what they were doing to my mind that day but yet somebody still blamed me for it? That I never let myself get sunken into illusions but I sure as hell can act. So what happens when my job is done? I live a normal life. For I owe nobody anything not even an explanation or anything I’m not the one on trial. My judgment was quite quick and painless so much so that I was reborn in the process that I am new Christian. That the one time I try to be Christian I’ve betrayed myself and I have to take that as a lesson and a metaphor for just the straight up fax one God is what I believe. But I will go all the way to the top for my answers letting know I’m getting my fucking way no one. Especially not some stupid boys. Or some demon bitch. That after I witnessed so many people turn to demons and turn evil right in front of my face it’s beautiful to be alone that I nurture myself there is no mother earth. But once all the bullshit was out of my sight I can get down to business. The witches that tried to harm me won’t even see it coming. That you now. And I nurture myself and with my own eyes I saw nature alive because everything I see is alive it’s just my eyes. How can anybody deny themselves so much? I do not deny myself but they sure do. One by one by one by one by one they denied the life that I live. They denied my ears my mouth my nose my eyes my mind my heart my soul my spirit and God along the way. But in the end I just see that everybody’s looking for someone to save them. And when Jesus never comes what do you think they’re going to do? Who goes to them instead of Jesus? Satan. That’s what happened me and I said no and he slammed the door and you think that be it until the technology came in the play. That I have to be able to trust my fellow angels I just have to but not use them for personal gain. I have held the sword of Michael. I have Jesus Christ in my heart and I am in gods will. I have held the violet ray and watched the Hopi prophecy right out my back door. I have been face-to-face with Hitler and the beast. I have fought and well barely fight and still beat that demon. I have been face-to-face with immortals and came out the other side disgusted. I have made alliances with the snake and the golden chariot. I have thought Giants and battled the flood and made new friends with the deer. I am a grandmother to earth and I am a living breathing flesh and bone bleeding human. Fulfilling human potential and caretaking the earth right beside the animals. Like the animals are my grandchildren. And they sure know me. I have made friends with a Native American and that was a dream come true where she gave me the name grandmother and everything made sense. There is no Gaia. Just a child from my dreams me as a five-year-old who flew into her own body to heal all the trauma to release the pain back to the world to the ones that gave it to me I am sky woman. And I am as innocent as a child.

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