When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Just like they turn gone fake producing atheist and Satanist and Luciferians and witches and pagans. That everything I just mentioned is fake. They don’t even touch on topics of truth of human life. They touch on stealing from others and going to hell. They touch on raping and calling people whores. They touch on ritual sacrifice abuse and raping while people watch all the while knowing that they will perish. That they literally messed with the wrong person. That God did not see the nasty evil you all betrayed but the beauty I did. So who’s worth it? Me. That you can torture me for another 50 years and I never think differently. But I know what God has done for me and you can never forget what people do for you. And there’s no secret behind it so get off me. Even if there was I would never tell you. And I can tell you as I thought these demons there was no one with enough compassion to help me. That it’s all just big one fucking game. And I’ll scream it for the rest of my life that my life is not a game that I deserve the time you’ve taken away for me and that’s what I’ll pray for. I will pray to regain the time where you tortured me rates me attempted murder of me all the while thinking you could get away with it. Trying to mine control me trying to do everything I fucking hate everything wrong with the world because you rather see me like you thanbecome a better person. I am hated in gods name but I do not love in gods name nothing else I do is in gods name it’s in my name. That even my best friend betrayed me in gods name. That I realized a long time ago that people do not want the truth so I’ll put it in a time capsule and BUry it. Until you are all going on. Even if that takes centuries. I’ll pray to walk the earth until my work is finished despite what you do to me with your time alive. Because once you are dad you can’t hurt me anymore. And I’ve got patients and allThe time in the world to see my fruition even in death. That you can rely on your false prophets and false saviors while we remain in the dark that’s fine. I do thank Jesus Christ on occasion I thank him for a true healing. Except I got it wrong I needed physical healing rather than emotionally or mentally. And how can I repay that? Besides clearing the way for what everybody wants him to come back. Now I can’t even imagine that happening in my life time it didn’t happen and my grandparents lifetime or my parents lifetime so why would it happen in my lifetime? And then I think that he came back through me that he really came back anyway just somewhere out there. That when he recognized my heart that was a way of coming back because now I am like his parallel universe completing his work or contributing and collaborating. Maybe God’s will is to let me do this on my own to become a pioneer trailblazer. To let me keep my pride because of my need to be an individual and keep all that matters to me which is my life’s work. That God gives us work to do. And mine just happens to be exactly that. An artist portraying the whole world in one vessel. That my reward is new and everlasting life and I can imagine my future for once in my entire life I have a future. I am rich. That God gave me the one gift I could never reach which was a future and God remembers my dream and set me back on the path of achieving it.That sometimes when I think I messed up I take a look at the life and realize God put me back on the track of my dreams I just have to remember those dreams that’s why the messages always remember remember your dreams not your wishes. Although I wish they would go away my dream is my own family and all them I wish may not come true my dream will despite their doubts despite their negativity they bring into MySpace and despite the backhanded comments as if people know me and despite all the betrayal someone out there loves me. And as of today I am on the right path now will I be allowed to have it without a fight for fucking once? I can pray and pray and pray and pray but I still have to rely on the goodwill of the people. Will they let me have love and a family or will they take it away?

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