When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

As I observe my past one might think it was hell but like a dead end road I can make it something more and I did I really really did but the evil out in the world will see to it that I remain poor and jobless and everything. That I have to betrayed myself for money? Isn’t that the most evil thing you’ve ever heard? That all we are are people betraying ourselves to benefit society? That it’s not human to do so it’s not a right it’s not a passage it’s nothing so it’s slavery. It’s forcing people against their beliefs to serve you. And all you can do is make the best of it and while I was making the best of it it sure as hell came crumbling down. I have a kidnapping to blame for that and a hostage situation in which they attempted to see me homeless. That they were trying to deny my whole entire existence taking away my humanity he said they wouldn’t have to look at me anymore because I am gods amulet evil cannot hide around me. But I still have The choice do I expose myself to evil just to catch some predators? Or do I remove myself from the situation entirely and let them take it out on themselves each other to show the world the animals that they really are and throughout the past three years I think that’s what they have done. That everybody was exposing themselves to be the bigots that they are as if they were publicly releasing their sins and not even knowing it. Like it’s been just one grand display of guilty consciousness portrayed in a manner of standing for something that they brainwash them selves and manipulate them selves just to be right. And if that’s not enough they continue to try it on others and I happened to be a victim of that I happened to be somebody that people think they can walk all over they can turn into something else well and my true colors or exposed it’s better left a secret. That the world is not ready it’s just not ready to go back to decency.They’ve been promised too much for their evil deeds getting rewarded for bad behavior therefore always going back to that bad behavior to get rewarded like a drug attic. So who has to heal? This is one piece of work that doesn’t involve me. Then I gave you the tools as a world to heal doesn’t mean something is fucking wrong with me. See I never had to heal which that did not hurt me because I do not take things personal and that is key but you do. And not getting justice makes it personal Still into thousand 18 land is being stolen raped pillaged. Just like their victims. That will the white man ever stop murdering? Are we going to let them destroy the world? Are we going to sit back and with the rich people destroy the world? Because God knows they took away the middle class which is where I was before all this but they saw to it that I couldn’t have a careerI could not be middle class and they tossed me right back into the cast system. That’s what the kidnapping was all about. Put me in the system as disabled but refused to give me disability until another googly eyed motherfucker looked at me. That just like my stepdad it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Nazis. A time warp a parallel universe Unfolded right in front of my eyes and parallel universes never meet parallel lines can go on for infinity and never meet. Never never never intersect or intertwine. And like a Jew I was. But if I was face-to-face with this parallel universe face-to-face with the cold-blooded murder do you not think I would find my way out? Do you think I’m the only one? He tried to silence me banging on my house. The only thing I have to question is why was he resurrected right in front of my eyes? Because he thought he was God. And should be a lesson but I tell you what some days I do feel like more of a God then God because why are we not rewarded? Sure were rewarded with heaven but how can we suffer for 50 years and then be glad? How could I be tossed into 1944 in not hate you because I guess it was more interesting than the present. But I know why because I’m an angel.

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