When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

That even when I was beaten throughout my entire life I never felt a thing. That the choice is mine and throughout 30 years of my life I’ve never felt pain. Until the world that I say turned on me no that’s pain. To think that I would even get a thank you is ridiculous that I know where I stand and I know what I stand for and I know we will never meet. But if it’s one thing that I learned the past 30 years that said I can escape death but I can defeat death doesn’t mean I’m never going back. See that was my fun boys. But it’s over. That might have session came to prove my work. That even if I don’t get a shirt I could be selfish for once. I can bury the truth and stitch of the core to where you can never eat to get it again. Or who’s to blame now? So I don’t let people hurt me and you’re no exception that I can pull it off. I can pull a grand scale of a show because I am an artist one that never sold out one that live their life as an artist and never had to show it to anybody to feel special you to feel like I’m an artist I never needed anybody to tell me. That there’s no way you can sort through 30 years worth of art and get the truth. There’s no way in hell. So to disrupt a society that is evil one must distract it at the core. Once again I have the tyrants in my hand but no one to hand them to Except hell. That they are devolving at the core and I never ate there before. That they want you to get in line with devolving dehumanization. They want me to toss 30 years down the drain see it wasn’t you that made me strong it was myself it wasn’t you that parent at me it was myself a it wasn’t you that was my mother it was myself you want my father it was myself and you surely are my inspiration but I am my own inspiration. That I can make evil so pointless that I will make it into nothing because it is nothing and I said it from the beginning and I mean it now. It is nothing it is pointless it serves no purpose it’s not human it’s D evolution.

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