When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

So to truly be evil I guess they just have to stick around so I can find out. That everything backfires. Stalking me for information will backfire. I’ll take my little notes weather takes me a month or year or 10 years I will defeat you because I am gods amulet. Around me you’re evil will be exposed and brought to the light but Who’s light? Mine. And I have a new promise that I will singe you. I will singe you because you played in the avenues of no return which is my mind. Good luck coming out of that. Good luck. When face-to-face with the master of deception I can honestly say mission accomplished. I am not manipulative but in times of survival I am the new master of deception to deceive the so-called best to scepter? And now onto the next. To make people think I want anything to do with them is it reception because I don’t. Never did and never will. So I tried to be more social I tried everything to only come out in the end with 1 billion mistakes and the same outcome. That I don’t need them I don’t want them never will and never will.I think people find it odd that I find happiness in my darkness I find happiness and being alone and if I find someone to share that with and and denied? Pretty lousy. That they destroyed love and I vow to never let that happen again. That I won’t give up but is it it is there that should give up. They haven’t even begun to love how could they have the nerve to destroy it and take it away to prevent me from breaking this curse. That every time I when they are there to say look no you didn’t look what we made him do look what we made you do. They don’t understand they have no control over me. That I have been hated for decades what makes them so different? Actually they fit quite nicely into my life as clones of the people of my past. The very same people I claimed I had to heal from when in fact it was all just to show the only thing that was real where the tears and the prayers. That I deceived the very people trying to destroy the world especially my world and now the fruits of my labor are sprouting up everywhere and not one hair on anybody’s body was harmed unlike mine. The question is what would you do if you knew you were being watched and not by God? You would deceive too. That I’ve been in this fight I was born into this fight and they’re going to Walton and try to make me something that they want? Going to try to tell me what to do after years and years and years of real suffering heading to only come back to be reminded of this in less torture and then they Walton and make it 10 times worse and not expecting consequences?That is the selfish for you. That is the people that think your property a slave. A naïve stupid girl. Don’t even get me started this naïve stupid girl never liked any of you bother her she never liked any of you warp her mind she never liked any of you hurt her And she never had to heal don’t you see? And it’s her choice and you didn’t even surprise her nothing came as a surprise or shock or false hope that all your tactics were only being narrarated and not working. That this stupid girl is a fiction writer.

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