When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

The darkness wouldn’t be so bad if there were not people out there abusing it. What I want sound beautiful and my saw this alone in the darkness I made something beautiful whereas other people abuse it and use it to harm others. But once my eyes were open to them to store in the darkness I will only become light in the darkness. But I will reign Because that is where I found my home my happiness. But as I can see when I get there they’re only there to harm me and they weren’t there before so I know the darkness has been infiltrated with these filthy demons and their master. Trying to destroy everything I love. If they don’t give people the chance to embrace their darkness how are they ever transcend into the light they so desire? How are these infiltrators going to get what they want? They never well and that’s how I win. They watch me first sign of life for a sign of hope for light for a higher purpose for more and more and more and more but what they get is Clouded judgment. These entities think for themselves so much soThat my words don’t even resonate with them. They never learn only use knowledge to hurt others and take credit for what isn’t theirs. Therefore using knowledge to gain a profit from someone else’s loss. Keeping the poor poor and the rich rich. Conducting experiments and taking notes. Training to echo my words. Torture tactics galore and I think that’s dark? That’s pure evil. Darkness is beautiful but all have experience from these people is pure evil which is nothing in the end. Even was nothing and nothing they are especially from what I’ve witnessed. They have no redeemable qualities not at all. They have ruined in their lives and I know who I am kind of feet evil any day any hour any minute any second. So I bring it on even slit my own wrists to hear them laughing in my face. That was enough for me to put the knife away forever and that’s all I needed to know. See they think they’re getting information out of me but it’s quite the opposite.You must expose evil in order to get rid of it. And these people would sell out any day of the week. All they have done is sold out to me. All I know is dark is not the same as evil. They are evil and I am dark. And I have met many along the way and not even come close to the beauty that’s inside me. My dark and light intertwine to create human potential not demon potential. And not hell potential but heaven potential. I feel invincible I feel I have the tools for anything and all they did was prove that to me. They are powerless and they are weak and they need me to thrive. Not the other way around. But I ignore them completely I will endure. That’s not even Satan has seen the likes me before not even the most deceptive person can figure me out. Am I live only so that they can observe and figure me out? And then I know once they figured me out though use all their tools. To destroy me. But I have to trust that the world wants to be better than my purpose is not expired. That people must really want to defeat evil that are used to think good people standing their ground was enough but now I know it’s about humans reaching their potential and overcoming death and. Embracing their darkness because our darkness is only there to remind us that we hate evil. And above the darkness lies the light light coming up for air from a swimming pool. That we can swim up to the surface anytime we want to or we can hold our breath and go under but they are sabotaging my true healing. They leech off me so that I cannot naturally become. So I guess I do have it all. And for anybody to say that they’re in the same boat as me is a lie. Very big Deception as if there’s anybody else out there like me as if we’re all the same that my words would resonate with everyone when I know they just don’t.

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