When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I never loved any of them. I just always thought the more the merrier. I shouldn’t be condemned because of a phrase the more the merrier that I believe Dan. I never loved any of them. For love that I’m capable of does not exist yet. It’s not that I have a road waiting for me to find out it’s clearly that I have to create it.So tell me how somebody can break somebody’s heart if you didn’t even love them to begin with tell me they are deluded? I never gave them the love that broke their heart. Maybe they should ask their mothers. For if I did not love them I surely cannot break their heart but got strangled anyway. I for one could not love a rapist I for one cannot love a murderer. I thought it just came with the package. So no broken hearts don’t get broken neck’s. Coward. You’ll be running in fear and before you know it. And I won’t tell you how it ends. I’ll pass right on by and not even give a shit just like back then. I never loved you and maybe that’s why you dwell on it so much I never loved any of you yet you’re so stuck on me. I was gravitated towards a self for filling prophecy I gravitated towards the plot of my murder. You were caught before you were caught. What did you feed me? Sneaky bitch. Do you know what I truly believe? Is that I gravitated towards the enemy To become a witness of prophecy foretold. That I can take a look back at my life and say I didn’t waste any time that it always minute but solve the dilemma of murder and rape.

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