When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

All they have are abusive tactics. She’s on drugs. She is the problem. Projection absorbed by a sponge of the ocean I like that Sponge I never reach the surface to squeeze out forever bogged down by the miles of depth and pressure. Pressure I did not create or asked for so I make friends with a starfish. And together we voyage to the shore to squeeze out all the water all the bullshit that isn’t mine. Because deep down inside that sponge is the material that absorbs. And needs a helping hand to reach down and grab it and squeeze it out so it was a guy that built the boat through a manifestation of my art. And as I saw my manifestation in the dog sniffing it I did nothing but say Michael or told him it was his. I bet the boat was found with the red dress on it. And I took that as evidence that I drowned it out see and buried the red dress in the sand and decorated it was seashells all around as I walked by and took a look at my own death and how they took it upon themselves and partied. As I went back to the news today I noticed it was lower and I noticed the Treebranch the bough that broke was starting to bloom again yet half of it was still dead half alive and half dead all in one branch. And there was an opening a walk-through as if it was an amusement park hiking trail purposely cut out for those who live detail. If they had the ability to clear a path why didn’t they have the ability to cut down the news? So I walk the path and I thought I was just sightseeing fool. It is like the. Rope was perfectly in a tomb like a body lies in a casket it was the main attraction. The guy had guns. And did not shoot me. Which allows me to believe that I was mistaken as a civilian. Just another visitor just another siteseeing fool. Yet did he not know that I was a ghost? Of that very property? Maybe they think that the weeds were just over grow but why would they take the time to clear a path that wasCovered and shrubbery just a year before. I don’t think his accomplices are too hard to find. I don’t think so at all. But what they didn’t know I knew in the moment. But you let your enemy go because you don’t love them.

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