When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Fuck fuck fuck fuck motherfuck. If you had my job you drink too. In a sense I am free until somebody notices me. Therefore an all eyes are off me spies and all but I will know if there is a God. I will find him in the silence. Or I find myself? Sometimes I get a taste of true freedom that there’s a demon who is threatened by me a witch. A lot of people are threatened. Secrets exposed. It’s no wonder when I make advancements are progress my nature that it catches the eyes of the enemy and I could feel them wishing they could kill me. And then I just say I’ve had enough. She’s had enough. There is no tolerance for murders. Everybody knows nature runs it’s course right? Why would they be true why would they betray all the Dave ever believed in now? Unless they have glimpsed me. And I say have stolen. Use your clothes bitch. Pull my hair give me black eyes.But what I think is there’s a lot a guilty conscious nurses out there and I don’t have to know a damn thing to know that. They both trays and everything that they do tell them their speech down to the way they work. They can’t hide. Their trans parent and then they get mad at me for noticing? When I was stripped bare of everything and was trans parent as well truth cannot hide. Whatever is bubbling on the surfacWill be spit it out like vomit. It’s called snakes on your tongue. It’s the curse of the snake. A spell of the throat so that no one will recognize me. And it takes hold sometimes especially at times of my progress. It is threatened and your picture fell off the wall. Snake worship her by God he’ll has turned into a snake look at him. But what I saw him do with snakes didn’t come off as somebody in alliance with snakes. So can you blame me?

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