When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Like a tumor he claims

Like a tumor he clings A demon while driving. First the heart and soul in the eyes and ears are you really going to let him touch me? Over and over and over again? If I hold the sparkle light and he touches it it’s not just mine do. I am connected to everybody and everything what did you say that is a God? Cocreator. A colleague. Hire a Shauns of healthy competition to push me farther and farther to become better and better. That if I was trained by God side by God then sure enough it would be enough? And I fear that’s what he wished he could do so he’s jealous not of my beauty your love if I even have that bu of a very mission he would a used to destroy whereas I would use to create it’s not a campaign it’s not a popularity contest. It’s free will the game of free will. Once transcended you can be trusted to do whatever you want whenever you want however you want. I guess I do have my independence my freedom just not by the hands of humans. But true freedom Ford spotted gods the guardians the watchers the council of the old. Three Wiseman of my generation. Will only come from God himself. Forge to be home all by themselves as evidence of a self-sufficient race to ease their trouble and minds. So things got better that’s why but if things got worse you’re following the wrong person. But I am set apart singularity. Forced into everything I hate when everything I loved is destroyed. So he’s not the creator of my darkness per se but the creator of rejection every day. He really thinks we want to be excepted. He really thinks other humans can feel me up. He really thinks I look to others to make myself hole. That woman is right. So he is the creator of my vengeanceA vessel for my plans to unfold. And he’s doing it by the tea. Not skipping a beat. Relating to the enemy so they can keep up make it a fair fight. That you will feel dirty very very dirty. If and when you ever wake up. I spent days and days and days conjuring awakening to the masse as fast as I could and as loud as I could a siren calling and who answered? Someone worthy.

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