When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

So I have to assume that only those that create in which they create and what they create can only be destroyed by that which created it. That if I created hope in peoples life I can destroy it. But that’s because they want the dark ages if history were to repeat itself it would be the dark ages. And I can’t help but think I am only dark in order to survive those ages. But if I am built to survive there in lies my only purpose of darkness as needed. That if we were going to be ushered into the dark ages I sure as hell was going to be the best. That is history were to repeat itself and they totally ignored me and didn’t listen. Because I am built to survive. But how selfish she would it for me be to keep them in the dark just because I can survive doesn’t mean that child down the street is going to survive the children would turn into sponsor of Satan. The blue eyes would vanish and be replaced with empty vessels black holes of eyes. Those with black guys have to start from the beginning they are forever in a black hole forever being watched through the all seeing eye. They are vessels for the all seeing eye and he’d love nothing more than that. So one by one I began to see Black holes everywhere. And I used to say black holes were anything but empty and now I know why. That would people serve isn’t even on earth at all but only through other people can he influence. He can infiltrate dreams because he can see through your eyes and I was next.

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