When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

My father was murdered in front of FOXNews as expected. Goddamn father was murdered just like I was attempted. As if it’s in a size of my familyAs if a genocide of my whole family would solve the worlds problems. I didn’t say it but they did. So one by one we were split up and had to run. So where am I own family even turned against me then they thought they had it made. Right there that day I witnessed the Devil and God reaching outside of me. Tug-of-wa and fist to the head that if I spoke truth I would be dead. And tell everybody looked at me the same. And how they didn’t even know me. They were a bunch of creeps literally. So I threw them a complement and they left me alone master of manipulation. But that is all in the past cleaning house is my specialty and if only they would’ve excepted help from a higher source instead of the FBI or CIA. But if only they would’ve just let us have our way then my dad might not be dead. That I do not fail ever but through their sabotage they created their feet they became just like me with the purpose of fate and destiny to be destroyed by usThat they were only created to serve as evil vessels for us to prepare for hire wars and higher and higher and higher but this is the lowest you can get and if we can stop war here it would come out like a ripple effect and there lies the answer create ripples do it with no fear. But if you notice the war has just gotten worse and worse and worse they’re cleaning it to the god of war. The only one that will reward them for bad behavior for murder for rape lots of lives in heaven right? That’s what they tried to portray that if people who believed in God the most killed thousands of people then we would have to reject religion reject God. Therefore continuing my cycle on to God that I’m only breaking it for God. I know what it’s like to carry the burdens of others as an empath I have felt aches and pains sicknesses radiation I had experience. That if I am made in gods image I’m not done yet. So they killed thousands of people and we condemn entire religion therefore creating a religious war a holy war calling us all out so they can number of us phthisis away and propose chemical warfare for life it’s not a coincidence that they knew us that they knew to take me away because I was the first to stand up and do something. I did not do something stupid and so myself out I was only doing what I was programmed to do from birth. That you are wish you knew your purpose you wish you had everything I do but you waste your time still looking for shit. You go searching for something that’s already there you’re the biggest time waster is available. That I will not ride the coattails of Jesus Christ and I will not pray to God wishing him to take my pain. But he knows me better than I know myself and he knows that if I could choose I would alchemize the pain make it cease to exist not give it to him. That I am not sorry.When the time comes in the Devil and I are face-to-face again death shall overcome his used to be good looks. Death has been working on you for a long time. But no they marked us we are the schizophrenics of the world.

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