When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

They murdered my father with pain pills and radiation. I do not doubt that he was to live. But once he died be apocalypse began. And it’s not a coincidence. They succeeded on interfering with God’s will. And my dad was the same to got the job. Timothy. The writer. When my father died he did it with a smile. I have dreams that he still alive almost every night but he’s hiding and he doesn’t care about money. Not once does he ever bring up money and that’s why they call it a dream. Because it is a dream that I see him.He is a murder victim with unfinished business and he is surrounded by the same evil doers nurses. Danger to myself and others? And you never had blue eyes. He may have physically been there but it was not he that saved you.True sacrifice is taking it all back to be truly forgotten and then remembering all over again. As needed to be truly elusive. To be a figment of imagination so that they realize so that when they realize that it’s real then their dreams will come true as well. That if that girl they’ve seen their whole life was actually what they deep down new then by God she is familiar.So God is the ultimate example of a sacrifice to be forgotten the thought dead and then re-emerging as she discovers God’s not dead.

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