When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

My first encounter with a shape shifter wearing many different faces of the suicide of thos my first encounter with a shape shifter wearing many different faces of the suicideal The fallen soldiers like the credits at the end of a movie except and faces. But I have an army and it’s not America or anything visible. Riddle me this who thinks people that commit suicide go to hell? No they are given a purpose go into battle emulated to falsify my memory.. It was not a face I remember though. But home. That’s my idea of love has been nothing but a savior mentality. A quest to heal the darkest dark.The darkest dark and human existence lies in the remembrance of a black hole where we originated from and that is home. We don’t want to find home we try to escape home. Home would imply a reincarnation home would imply a squeezing ou of all the pain ever experienced on earth that if we sacrifice ourselves in that manner it wouldn’t solve a damn thing. I tried it on my father I could taste the radiation. I was told in a dream a premonition. For he thinks I was attacked with radiation but it was only the healing of my father yet he still died isn’t that a sign? That we can gobbled up all of it and alchemize it in a physical manner but we’re alchemy comes into play is the emotional manner to alchemize emotions not abilities. That would be self-sacrifice and it’s not needed. That would be real suicide so there lies the moral compass. Those who wish to end it all because of the pain or not in hell. But those who wish to sacrifice themselves for them is suicidal and I guarantee they are not heroes. But in capable of feeling a full circl. A runaway. Only a coward with self-sacrifice you guys if you knew who you were you know it goes in one way and out the other not affecting you physiologically at all. We don’t trade one sickness for another we literally destroy itAnd the sickness wasn’t cancer but it was the radiation a faster death an assumption that their job is to kill the pain. That if only they died faster they be in less pain so they Newcomb with radiation. If someone were getting better they wouldn’t be throwing up dying from radiation poisoning. My father was murdered by doctors because the literature said so when I was in the health field I didn’t getGive a shit about literature and now you know why. So they’re in is the dilemma for the trail of the scientific method to put it to an end in forever that it stops at the hypotheses that only you would need science if you doubted

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