When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Don’t make me do this for I know the tone of your screen. I know when the life is being sucked right out of you into the very air that we breathe true recycling. That even the invisible can die. That the possibility of a cure for schizophrenia is a matter of killing Lucifer but you people warship him make our lives painful you steal from us you emulate us but you never wish to be us why is that? You’re happy and cozy aren’t you I wonder what he promised you an exchange? But I can tell you you’re not going to get it. Things have changed. I can tell you were ever Lucifer is he’s all alone so keep doing it and you’ll join him. You’re desperate Lucifer you are not the light bear just like I am not the dark one. My name should be Lucifer and yours Carrie if the meaning mattered. You are a false angel of light not God given. You lost everything that night on the beach the night I cleaned your name that I would take the role so be it. The only name I have not given back that once I was he God called me and then God called me Lucifer. Excitemen. That there are false angels nothing more than a time traveler produced to spy. But with the mindset that they think they’re special and hopefully they wrote them selves in the book they claim the names of angels of Christ of profits of saints of heaven. That every time you fucked him you thought you were in heaven. We got it. You’re nothing more than an escape artist and escape artist future responsibility from true purpose from true human potential a disgrace and I won’t fall from grace. And then I knew that these so-called gifts could be taken away with the right environment.Attacked me devil. I so await. I wait for you too and have it my body so I can crush you from the inside. It’s going to be your only option one day. Because you’ll be so alone you’ll go back to that spark of light. Fuck me fuck you. Just like you did November 2014 except you couldn’t touch my heart because of Jesus Christ so instead you got the mind and it scared yo scared you so much that you went into repentance but not long enough. Only enough to come back and try to destroy me over and over again. Take away anything beautiful about me. So that others would see me as something other than I’m not. I am an illusion forged from the darkness of Lucifer. A jealous jealous jealous mortal. Jealous time traveler the dementia patient.I must kill my creator of my darkness. Rejection false hope and manipulation of emotions so that I would develop in to what you put on paper. That your prediction would prove correct and everybody went with it. How silly boy I never got along with both of them they both just in habited my bodAt one point and you could smell the remnants. That may have saved my life. So much no matter what they do to me it will backfire and has and none of this information can be used against me because it’s a late revelation secrets kept for the right moment you cannot turn back time. All they can do is manipulate history to affect the present manipulate the president to affect the future and create a future according to their desires if you go along with it. And for the most part you all areI wants had an idea to keep you all in the dark that if I kept the secrets I would get my lesson a vengeance. But what I didn’t realize his vengeance is something that’s pre-Destin in the air set in stone a universal law. But I’m not special at all. That it was only time. Time for somebody to be saved and not in a religious way but literally from an untimely deat something that caught the eye of God as not his work. My death was not gods work so false angel really did revel . Jealous much? Who knew such beauty could bring such darkness but they are separate and not severed or tied together that if only as an empath she can distinguish yourself from everything else she will know the true enemy

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