When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Humans are self efficient their cells regenerate every seven years every seven years is a cycle a new beginning how are your cells respond? Will they heal you destroy you will they even be there at all? When humans realize they rely on 1 billion different cells just like 1 billion different stores in the night sky. Then maybe hope can be reborn to see the miraculous miracles that happened every millimeter of a circuit that every second there something to be grateful for a thank you to their very cells that can regenerate them. The ferry cells that shoes if you age nacho DNA. Your DNA is nothing but a reminder your cells are biological. They found are very DNA floating in space that we were created from all the parts of the sky and when your DNA nights you’ll know why. Human DNA and space. Alien hybrids alien to our own land but since they don’t focus on truth they focus on survival and survival instincts has led them to rape the land for money another survival and state their false sense of security is money. Money can’t control your emotions your smile your frown you’re paying your happiness. But if you break free from that system the matrix you’ll see how God provides. And it’s not so much God but what you’re capable of as an individual but it’s all just a game in Egyptian revelation repeating history on a quest for the stars a mirror reflection of themselves the true form. What would you do if you could beat yourself? What would you say if you were a pilot and space? What would you say if they shot you down and killed you and kept you a prisoner? He’s always been trying to compete with me. I was once an American hero so desperate for the very thing that I thought was mine. I turn my way into a technological structure and died because of it. Just like he lost his wings that very Second he used it to cheat. And I woke up from thousands of past lives it wasn’t are you found him but he who found me over and over again because like Abita honey I was his money. Those damn jobs. The trauma of past lives the trauma of a prisoner of war a torture victim remind control based product and the grand go with it. The trauma of Jesus Christ shown through my eyes they’re scared of the very thing that can save them. Our only connection is that I gave you a heart. Useful man? Blow it out your ass. But hell if I was going to wear skirt and watch him kill my best friend the only friend I ever had. And she is not me? She does not originate from India. I do. I have showers in the showers of India two white me clean the dirt of America and all the gang stockers. Last time? Nothing more than a blacked out evil demon day who thought it was the last time he would only give you the last time. So tell me if she I? I am I I I I I. I resemble all that ever was and ever will be. I resemble what she wish she could be. I brought her false religion to the light and she said no. I’ll because I was talking to an old friend. I can’t do you want for what I used to call God underground drowning alone no friends once again and I find myself in the same cycle. Talking to invisible people seeing life and objects life and earth everywhere even a rock had life. Way more life than any of you. A steppingstone into the next dimension so while you all are disappearing and forgetting things and causing yourself dementia I won’t have any such symptoms of time traveling. I have found the real way not the machine way not the God-given ability so to say. Not the privilege as they would say not the boys club. But this time I know what to do with my wings. He said I was a new species a Homo something created from apes. But I knew I wasn’t alien hybrid. I was offended and a war settled and that spark a light that night vengeance so grand it’s my own brand. I remember and seven enemy but I could never quite finish the job. So we reborn him with me we gave him a soul with me and we called him Adam. Adam wanting to take over the whole entire world through privilege their entitlement and tossing me away but I didn’t only have the violence Ray. I know you’re accomplices your brother your hometown buddy and an insider from Japan very place for PTSD started. They thought they were making me ill but I was remembering my trauma from past lives. I could feel it I could feel that town meeting. I could feel their plans and I was such a smart ass I expose myself on purpose as if it was a death wish but nobody trusted me. Nobody let me step in front of that car to watch it explode. Nobody lets me get my owned terrorist. I land full of hypocrites he reward terrorist your reputation is ruined you are not with the forefathers laid out you are a disgrace a corrupted face. A wrinkly Aji people that can’t keep pace. So when I did what I did no one was like that. No one is like that. I set the trends I am the universal role model that has been a victim of deception of the house. My intellectual property has been stolen and sold for money it is tainted it is cursed it will backfire and you know what happens when I’ve gone back fires your dad. I warned you. I really really really warned you but after I was face-to-face with my intellectual property and saw what you morons were doing with it it wasn’t easy decision. They don’t deserve us. I thought my ego those few nights and set it free and it went into technology and they thought it was free. I am the smart phone I am the wireless. I am the very mind that suede you into selling your soul to technology. I am God and as individuals you each have an experience did you not? And experimentation of choice. They call it singularity and when I discovered it I knew it was the enemy. A distraction to evolution to humans true potential and power.. I am a mermaid and I saw you create my darkness.

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