When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

They labeled me mentally ill made me take the pill red or blue I had no choice. They force the red pill down my throat then years later blue pill as if they change their minds. Now I’m ostracized and cast out of a normal life that I dreamed of. They crushed dreams and take away hopes all by falsifying a patient’s records. Years to perfect the discrimination of the land of the free thinkers. They might as well have chopped off our heads and hung this from a tree. I’ll because they can’t see. There a dying breed. With people it’s always what you can do for them and if you can’t do anything according to them for them your tossed away forgotten of the gifts received have been turned back for money. Selfish desires. They turned me into money literally and I’ll never see it. I was a moneymaking machine to about 100 people on the way. But money is traceable and so are in my thoughts so wasn’t my past of recollections. But let people forget water doing people dirty is that people don’t forget when there have been done dirty. Always remember and never forget forever. So now the dad disguise myself as a useless vessel a shell of a woman Michelle of a friend Michelle of a lover I promise the end. A shell of a friend a shell of a lover. And the game of life there’s a book of names the names of the living and the dead. And I am the writer. Some saint has a job writing down your sins. Genius. Except where is my fair trial? Why was I face-to-face with the judge against my will against the law. How could she look at me and not see. How could that social worker swear on the Bible things I never even said I speak in metaphors and I know it’s a language they don’t understand. They’re stuck in black-and-white they dream in black-and-white but I see in color and I dream in color I’m here there and everywhere. How many doctors how many must go down. How many betrayers of the truth how many paint brushes and I the canvas of a diluted illusion. Everyone of us are actors. Infiltrated into hospitals to see your torture tactics right here in America. From the police to the nurse and if you look compliance you may survive. We are actors. If we raise our voice and passion and you aren’t moved if you don’t stop and think if you look the other way you were dead inside. That goes for you psychiatrist with your dad called blue eyes. You told me my life is like the Inferno and where the hell did you get that from. Don’t you know what that even means? As I read the book it didn’t interest me at all but my life is interesting. Another projector a movie maker best and lies and deceit. We are actors readers of mines Cohen habiting the same dreams. Family. And where well we were sorry. But it was never our FOX NOW was it? You pray on the meek to apologize for you but we can’t erase her since you used us as vessels to advance in the game machine. Instead of figuring yourselves out you observe us and study us for a way out. Evil of your own making. Never wants curing only prolonging. But I’ll tell you the inevitable as just being prolonged. We are spies we are prisoners of war with the new loping risk. Trapped and for what? So you can observe and make sure we’re done down by the time we leave. But we have turned against each other to get out rewarded for betray your very own people train. Trying to super soldiers is what you missed even while were sleeping we’re taking the test. I’m rebellious nature unites us standing up for the first thoughts ignites us. The first conscious be our Creator. Mother. I am her child super me that day gave me a purpose so how can I sway. Love a buddy else is empty and obsolete and on the path of discourse I become like a God. Creating an invisible world another planet to inhabit. Are used to want to save the world earth and I did for sometime but after their display but they have no idea where they’re at in the revolution they were only on the verge of creating infinity on the verge of creating an afterlife and they failed. Ash to ash for real. And I’m not going to let them suck me in and take me down with them. I could’ve created so much for you but instead I was lied about said I was walking aimlessly in the street talking about the promised land like I give a shit about some fucking piece of land. That’s not what I was thinking at all that’s not where I was staying standing at all I was very conscious watching you people freak out over your savior. It’s over because you looked a false gods false Christ false prophets in the very exact time of the big bang. I created hell that day while I was being tortured I kept the darkness conscious and what did you see that screaming babies. He tortured me as I was creating which made hell and a lot of you chose to go there that’s where it ended that’s the only thing after this. You are a race that only together can succeed every last piece. And you failed to you tonight. You failed to unite. How is Ray. So I created hell and help gave me a visit that night ritual sacrifice to me although I was there God. They were hell-bent on killing God over and over and over and if they couldn’t just wipe them out they would give them cancer diseases and since they couldn’t give him diseases they falsified fabricated the truth create an allusion so you be swayed down the tunnel of evil to think evil thoughts that is true corruption. If you would’ve just left me alone. I had the key we’re supposed to go back to the stores. But that has been blocked and replaced with holograms technology the matrix. There is no heaven you can reach only had to send meant to hell a true consequence of your actions. A true vengeance a true passion it right. A true I told you so hey true you should a listen. It was time. Did I waste my life? After you fucked up I was left in a black hole force to awaken force to create for you. Forced to protect a dripping a work of art. A dripping Hart crying over and over A pre-destiny destroyed. And they’re still preaching and making money. There used to be fairytales there used to be reunions. Everything you’re going to mess everything you Thruway for a false God. Your cells. You are not gods. You are on the path of evolution towards a metaphorical story beautiful story. How could you sue somebody be murder how can you sue somebody be right how can you see how on earth and not do anything about it. Their in for Tracy and if it wasn’t for people like me they would have gotten so far. But I ate them with my spark of light I want them all to attack me it is I who created that and I who were killed and it was perfectly fine on auto pilot getting attacked and then disappearing but somebody tried to be a hero. Look at me and tell me you’re doing everything while I sit on my ass. Only thing you were doing was freaking out for 8 billion people enough for them and I. Creating nervous energy and a time of manifestation of creative energy plaguing us with anxiety depression lies deceit and manipulation. Central intelligence tried everything on me. It’s a shame. I had my motor ride before you and turns out you were in cahoots. Turns out it’s OK for my murderer to laugh at me for doing the right thing. Turns out it wasn’t just about me was it? Turns out I didn’t turn him in because he murdered me or read to meBut because he ruin your past present and future. He used me as a vessel to do so so you blame me just like you blamed Eve. Automatic writing see that’s where we differ I’m from the subconscious he’s from hell. I’m from your imagination your fantasies your colorful thoughts. And he’s from a couch in hell. So I was I was being reborn in more he stole my colors. Tokyo and Mario 2016 Olympics hide until 2020. Divide. Rich scum bags off my dimension not dementia. He never could get the message right. He only ever heard half of it. And was scared of no. And that’s why being nosy is bad. I am not curious and like them I always know what the fuck I’m doing. And if I wanted to get drunk and blacked out and not remember if you things to experience not knowing so be it. It was a game I would play with myself to become more like you to better understand you without hurting anybody unlike you. And I can’t tell you you have a second chance did I need a second chance? Did I need to redo a game over did I even get a save? No did I get a chance before I was ruptured and harvested did I even get a warning? No. Get everybody knew how ironic. At least it wasn’t you. Not some beloved celebrity. Yet if they didn’t choose me because they thought I was weak if my acting wasn’t sharp and prevailed then hell. Now it’s a game of individualism you want to be gods well you’re about 1 billion8,000,000,000 years behind can you accomplish it before you die? Join the atheist club? What happens to me doesn’t mean it will happen to you and short. You thought I did it in 27 years or five years you think it only takes 527 years so you Emily try to copy and that’s your get out of jail free card do exactly as she is done and we will be like God. Here’s her flood bitch. Your flood. As you see there is no future on earth. Instead of him which is grown from seed and an infinite they harvested very veins of mother Earth letter dry. So is my time and my duty as a crossroads demon I may hold some songs. It’s quite exhilarating a purpose. Because I was raised by the hounds of hell. And they work for me. Have I infiltrated every system that’s corrupted and not divvy out punishments? The Solis walked the earth every single day yet you have this false sense of security I can’t fad. Why because they have guns missiles atomic bomb’s nuclear weapons? Go ahead smoke in God’s house. Your defiance. The very day God said no you were testing nuclear weapons. Exposing The atmosphere to chemicals chemical warfare chemtrail’s lithium in the air. They just hang there and drop to the very ground we walk on. There are no men in black but there are consequences to witnessing something extra terrestrial you get spray to keep you asleep they spray the general population if you witness something beautiful miraculous some sign of hope. They do it because you will be angry but not at the stars at that. Your children are being poisoned chemical warfare every day. And when they try to have a little bit of fun to forget about it they get arrested right pepper spray and unruly actions. There is a false God out there and he’s controlling everything. And if you’re alive today well aren’t you lucky. 42% Irish let the luck die there. As my ancestors fought and won the matter where they were the matter what the competition and I don’t what the circumstances and I don’t want the car cause. We were swayed in the right direction just by ease eating that route ended up being a miracle of knowing what’s right and wrong of winning millennia’s worth of wars to end of or is the go. Don’t worry if it all backfires. I don’t think she bit into that Apple so much is that snake bit her. And the poison said it. The fruit of knowledge I woke in humans to know what is right and wrong good and evil and maybe that’s mother. That would look like a mistake was a miracle just like the story of my life finding a light in the dark making it something more something grand a dead end into a highway. All four grand a larger universal bigger picture purpose salvation? There was no one to fall it was only Adam and eve she didn’t hurt anybody. What fell was America and 2014. For shipping her replacement seconds sloppy seconds. I learned of murderers coached by there very mother created to destroy beauty. And this doesn’t really matter but it was man not woman. It was a snake in the garden who was the witness of a mirror man tricking a woman into a bite of a strawberry. The snake was already dead before she took the bite Adam killed the snake then blame the snake just like he blamed a woman for his mistake. That is how it works out and eves favor because she was betrayed and dad always back fires she was lied about and that backfires imagine pure innocence tasting her very first strawberry you would think it was a gift wouldn’t you. So my linea later the fruits of her labor. And she has no earthbound children. We were burned from the nebula of pure Femina responsibility heads held high. And sometimes they speak to me without saying anything and my connection with my ancestors led me to be discovered by terrorist low hovering planes hi hovering planes right after the discovery of my brother or sister. And I and connected because I could move them with my mind I am a captain. Even the blue stock at Sheena listened when I said stop then go oh no. I am a period of the Old Testament and mother is God and nothing was written on paper and nothing was written through the eyes of profits through the years through the very handset wrote down prophecy after prophecy after prophecy. But a true secret keeper of secrets is a secret. That I remember when I got my soul. So no we’re not all vessels whistles although I’m glad that’s what I told you. Your nose will grow and leather is in your genes. Your kids will show Jesswhit grandmother knows.They were so afraid I was going to steal them steal them from their own murderers? If this got out to parents would be killing their children and there’s nobody that would stop it. Because these Mira mortals actually think they gave them birth life. Biology is the story of all as you can see the biology of mother Earth and how she is dying just like you. I’d like to think on those rain that those rainy nights that I may have given her one more ounce of strength to carry-on. A true awakening to purpose. Celeste you’ll being that we came to save. But these bugs tricked us by looking at us with hope love.Beautyy.. They tricked us into thinking they actually take care of us. So the drug spread from state to state country to country all over the world. And as a scientist I would say that is murder Morley and logically murder. Pharmaceutical companiesCorporations disgusting pigs are the true murderers of your children so wake up parents it wasn’t a mistake that your children chose you but like my mother you’re on grateful you wish and we’re not going anywhere.Why is it there so happy throughout the whole process of bringing us in? Because they feel special they get attention for what we have done not them. I chose my mother my father for very particular reason not only are they royalty and not only were they intelligent and beautiful bu they held the story that I was to finish they held the pass that I would converge and 21 straight narrow by the second. Of vertigo a constant vertigo. Is a sign that what’s right and head of you isn’t solidt

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