When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

And somehow

Some way

It all ended

Just like that

One day

A couple months ago

The temptation

The urge

Was gone


I sit here and wait for it to come back

But it hasn’t

True healing

And who do I have to think ?


dad ? For dying ?

Death itself ?

I wasn’t joking

That I delved in

To save him

To be just like them

In order for them to love me

In order for them to see

Just how much I loved them

But now those days are over

And my vengeance was near

I watched it play out

Like a movie reel

The consequences

Were real.

I wish I could thank someone

He will due

Show him appreciation

Show him truth

If he grows with you

Then it’s true

If he stagnants or denies you

Or beats you too

Don’t be surprised

But don’t expect it

The people I’ve met along the way

Just wanted to feel like somebody

Like you

Like how you were somebody to me

The cycle is broken

I’m free

I don’t need anything

Never did

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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