When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

A brief moment of silence to see if god is dead

Revelations continue into the cold night

Continuesly like the waves

The noose

Was too loose

Too low

At best

The garbage bag was too clique

But after he saw me alive

He forgot to get rid of the evidence

Then I called the police and they tapered with the evidence

The sheet was on the ground as I left it so someone picked it up and took it along with the bag

The mattress lies dormant the the basement

Forever insufficient evidence

Insufficient tact


Helping hands

Thanks PlayStation and the microphone I got him

I could hear it and he let me hear it to intimidate me

To let me kno he was going to kill me

Somehow someway they just hadn’t thought of a good way yet

But what better than with the gun she bought him

See rising again was nothing new to him

He was to stay alive because I loved him

I solely protected him

Brought him back numerous times

Because I believed in us

I believed in a soul

That was only given because of me anyway

Abuser of souls



Of the world.

So I burned the letter myself

Then the picture I drew of him

When I was five

Because it was over


I wanted my precious time back

I wanted what I showed him

So he wouldn’t remember

Because I exposed him to gifts

There he became a pagan

Saw it nothing more as an opportunity to profit

To gauge in war

To hold me up as a sacrifice

All the cease to exist

I did not lead him to his de evolution or extinction

But I didn’t stand in the way either

It was cute

The way he didn’t know me at all

How he thought he did

How he thought he knew my weaknesses the disadvantages the advantages

And when I didn’t perform

Due to his oppression

It recreated the trauma of my life

Although I recognized

What was going on

I didn’t want him to be a part of it

To be a leader

He was lethal

And my hostage


The gun disappeared

And maybe he hired someone

Maybe he saved my own money to pay to have me killed

And used my money to buy the weapon

Because the gun did disappear


One bullet in the forehead

And one right on the crown

The soft spot so to speak

Be silenced the crown shot

And the forehead shot splattered everywhere ad was bleeding uncontrollably

To the point that he used a pillow to soak it all up

A pillow was missing along with the sheet

When I went to bed with the sheet

It was a hot night and only I needed a sheet

But woke up with no blankets actually and I’ve slept many nights in my lifetime

And only two stand out

Waking up naked

And waking up that morning with a soreness to the throat and hearing myself say I was hung by a sheet

He thought I was dead

So my first thought came

And he thought it was time to roll

Grandmas blanket and all

He never did figure out it was my thoughts he was tuned into

So he got up and I followed and only to be given the she’s still alive stare

A true malfunction that one

Malnutrition or whatever prevents people from developing I saw it like I was a fucking a retard this whole time so I felt pity for myself

But rising again was no stranger to him

Hell I witnessed him shoot his brains out then wake back in the front door

He was a black hole

And it was sucking him in calling him home

She was calling him home

The one he did it all for

The reward in heaven

He never will get

Because it’s not real

He was deluded and a danger

Yet you locked me up as the danger and ruined my records

So much so I was illegally taken away numerous times when all I needed was justice

So no when he saw me that morning it was the same look Rachel gave after she forced that lethal dose of drugs down my throat

After they fucked

And yes I knew

That’s the only thing they would have in common of course

He admitted to not liking her eyes as she did


I was terrorized in Morgantown wv

By people I thought were my peers

People I thought I could trust

In a sense that they wouldn’t kill me

Or target me

Or make a sacrifice out of me

Of course

They witnessed what should have been my death numerous times

But I can be trusted and they can’t

One of your tag alongs confessed onto my recorder

Even when I was blacked out I was taking my little notes

But he’s their friend he said



It’s all the same

So no no one was surprised that I lived because I publically displayed my brushes with death every night

And every night I got a little closer

So they thought

They had no clue I died when I was 21

Where Satan sealed me as one of his own

An actress

Darling …

They have no one idea I already turned down true love

That I was over it

Wasn’t looking for it

Then he mysteriously messaged me

The murderer

And I have been on his radar ever since


I could feel him thinking about me and his hatred towards me yet I did not mistake it as a demon and my grandfather sat at the edge of the bed with me that night in a sigh of disbelief a duty

I bartered

Yet it was only child’s play

I wanted to live

So that’s what I did

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