When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

She knows every hair on my body so much so that I can cut it right before my eyes and reappear before I can even blink. True motherly instincts

My child

My child

I’ve forgotten

The golden chariot

They stole my key

So I’ll never get to see my creations

Everybody already knows that

They say

It’s polluted and desolate just like them

We are all here

Not there

For they will dwell there is the falsity of their Mario brothers land

And we shall inherit the earth

If you sold out to technology

You are done

It’s quiet time

But I want fast forward

I want to be me

What I was created for

Now that’s your true potential

It’s not religious or spiritual at all

But transcends all that


Maybe god is dead

Ever think of that

His promised have stopped being fulfilled

Not too long ago

He tried to kill me

I remember now

Even their god could not kill me

He hated me

He was so furious with me

And I am innocent


god took you as a punishment when you didn’t deserve it

This place has been forsaken

And they cling to whatever they know be it the devil or Lucifer or Satan they are fallen angels now advocates of the lowest threshold because they don’t have earth experience

They are stranded and think they’re on a mission

What a retard though

I really hate him

With a passion

And I never hated anyone

So I wanted to save hell and succeeded ? And my fun with Satan was really pure? After he stopped the charade of trying to kill you.

Lucifer needs to do that

Give it up

We’re all defeated

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore

They turned me into God and rightfully so if yo unwanted to vote go ahead the outcome is destiny

So I’ve been hiding all my life from God?

The Old Testament?

I am eve made in gods image

A sumarian is a God

And she lets me be a God

If only Jesus knew

That’s why you were forsaken because you knew you’re potential

God was an oppressor

He says good luck

Because Lucifer is still waiting on his ride

His home

Which is never coming

I saw heaven your heaven

It’s bad really bad

I never wish to go there !!!! Daddy!!!

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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