When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

They say this and they say that

About you

And none of it is true

I prayed and prayed and prayed for over a year and a half to be delivered from evil for you to keep a promise but you’re just like my dad. Deadbeat


And I hate the voices that you have cursed me with it’s been on long enough to know

That you wouldn’t do a thing to save me

To let me live up to my potential now I’ll always be dragged down so tell me what I don’t have in common with the demon I am new I am dark angel

I don’t give a shit if you created it or not

If you won’t except me for who I am and answered my prayers and I can surely forget about you

No longer speak of you leave the people in the dark I am no Elijah I am no disciple

I am not in the club

But yet I was in heaven for more than they could accomplish in their lifetimes sucking somebody’s Dick

Fucking their way to the top

Healing is my specialty

And if you want to fight over who’s right and who’s wrong so be it but if you had the Courage we wouldn’t be in this mess

Are we little gods like Jesus said?

I don’t believe or think so


You are prevented me from manifesting to my potential of a smile so big now has frown lines

Because of you

Whoever was in for trading on my prayers





So I did it all myself

I healed my inner child

To become a Conduit

For everyone else to heal

I don’t pick her choose

Pick or choose


I know you didn’t pick me but it was God’s will

To deny me

To forget me

False gods

My neurons are firing once again and soon enough the synapses will send the signal to the part of my brain that will shock me into submission

At my best you made me worse

At my happiest you made me sad

That’s my most graceful you knocked me down

And there’s no saying sorry

I am god

Created by the Samarian’s



Brought back time and time again

Who do you think brought me back to life?

I have clones in heaven the highest heaven not that twilight zone you dwell in false God

I Didn’t hesitate but they laughed and God’s face

And that’s OK

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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