When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Once I was seven years old I defeated the devil

But my brother wasn’t so lucky

When you think you are safe the devil strikes the very rooms that you find solace a departure from the torture of an abusive childhood a safe haven he will invade. 20 years later he came back for more. The same voice the same tickle torture.

And the same childish laughter in grand proceeding it I laughter that says that guys dead.

They say you’re being prepared for heaven but wouldn’t that mean they’re also being prepared for hell? True tribulation.

While I was in the shit storm due to forces unknown. And having it forced upon me of course I was surrounded by Hell right here in this very spot.

Stranded on an island the devil and die

Slowly but surely they infiltrated the houses around me and the dead attacked me viciously eating me from the very core of my existence trying to fight fire with fire. Yet they were unaware of my existence in hell just prior years before that. It was like the Inferno.

Just passing through. Taking my little notes. Playing a crossroads Demon Queen of hell.

When I knew saying was deceiving I thought better decieve him first. So I delved into the avenues of hell to rule it over through it and release the innocent souls tormented there just like I.

In hell I am moonchild and in heaven I am eve on earth I am kerry dark one. And in the future I am the light

Satan watched me for days and days and days from right on the roof with his demon child he used against me

Coaching him preparing him to be used as a weapon of complete annihilation of the very thing the very key to my happiness.

And as I lay down on the floor deceiving Satan there’s nothing I wanted more. Nothing left I could stand for. The master of deception is laughable

But I am a demon don’t you see? Silly rabbit

I do all that they do I infiltrate the dreams and subconscious of this measly scum

And it’s all pre-destined

Even I went to hell with you and I could turn a hell into something grand

It was wonderful all the demons had to listen to me I was their leader

I birth the store children and let the demons are dark and light to combine to defeat evil so who’s left?

What do you think dark angel means half angel half demon.

Was I not a demon to that boy?

In reality I was an angel but since that’s what they think that’s what I’ve become

Diviniting our gods gifts to the less fortunate I would think that’s charity work. Community service to get out of hell faster.

Did I deserve hell logically? No.

What was I forced to go just like I was forced to go to the hospital? Yes

Was I dragged in just like I was ruptured so it’s heaven any better than hell?

I’d rather be a demon then a snob any day.

I am moon child

Leader of demons but what I do they say because we will no longer sleigh

God doesn’t understand anyway

To have that something

Something so insatiable

I lover of God

You wouldn’t understand

See god you’re no better

You can’t except love if it shit a brick on your head

Your wrathful and dangerous

And you don’t know who’s who anymore

But I’ll be the first to knock on your door

Tell you it is I

Who traveled with gmork

The only one who ever told me the truth

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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