When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Flashes of light to prove I’m right back here again

Tired as hell

A hostage

Of de evolution

If you sabotage one immortals becoming you kill yourself

You have to keep the cycle going because if it’s broken that means all the past is broken with it.

The chains keep us together? I’d rather servere

I would sacrifice living forever for vengeance justice and truth

My whole lesson is vengeance and it’s not revenge revenge is when someone is delusional enough to think they have a right to intrude on somebody’s well-being. But vengeance on the other hand is true justice. True unfolding of nature. How can you kill something invisible? So you look at me

But I am human I am mortal and that’s all part of the divine plan

Burn the letter

Kill her they said

But we know what happened with that

He cleaned to find the letter

By holy they found the light

Did he know they were watching? I bet he did

I bet that’s just how he asked to show off used me

They say I don’t understand but if they did they wouldn’t be here

Because it’s really minute it really doesn’t matter

At least that’s how it’s going to be marked in history

When she had told those she thought she could trust and what happened she never did imagine the reactions… Apathetic to the core… Evil.

My work is finished

Make them believe what they want because you can read their mind

Then shatter their reality

Make them never forget you

I will haunt you

You will have visions dreams

It will always lead you back to me

Because you are an evil doer

Who threw me away

And if I had a penny for every time a malfunction of the muscles of your face start going off without a hitch well you can guess

What winners


Why would I ever listen to white trash? No I didn’t label you that but your actions did

That’s a nice place to rest your head and then pick me apart from your granny rockers

But I have a throne

A crown


Stephen king hasn’t written anything yet

Well I have visions of my enemies choking on their own blood and visions of my enemies being assisted suicided against their will it is only I that saved you boy.

He did not know I was there look at my ears it’s obvious

and a hand writing so clear

Help me find Charlie

Sleep with your cousin

Have fun in the locker room

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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