When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

In The light she creates… Co-creates. I am not woman hear me war. I am woman A cocreator A lullaby a fairytale. For I can turn even the most vicious and wrathful DOcile. I was prepared down to my very core and my name doesn’t mean dark one for no reason. Double dark equals light. As I lay there night after night waiting on the Jew to succeed. I couldn’t help but fantasize about death and who we was And sure enough there he was. He hovered over me with the work and no sickle and I open the door of my mind and he walked in because that’s my dream job. Maybe the sickle has retired and a new blade for just from the heavens. To be used by immortal. On herself. Creating a Weapon a clone of herself in order to defeat herself because that would be the only logical way if nobody else could kill her make another to use against her brilliant. But I, I never betrayed myself. The clone was faced with its creator do you really think it would murder? What do you think it would become one with the light creating dark and light inhabiting one body. So if you ask I was there through the manifestation of dark which is in the shadows and invisible become one with something that is concrete and visible something you can see with the naked eye but they don’t want to. I call her Blurryface.

Sure enough it was me my own worst enemy until now. Save yourself save the world. Kill yourself kill your world. Now why would anyone. Want to destroy everything they ever worked hard on and created? The suicides of the world are exactly like God playing out of cycle of the times of the flood. Just waiting on the fire.

And when another human advances their thoughts to the dark it’s quite peaceful. You don’t fuck with us. Forever you are cursed.

A disgrace to your family and lineage wow we infiltrated our ancestry to advance it to save it to make it proud. My first incarnation.

The only past life I can’t remember is being flooded. And surviving. Underground

A kin to crystals

My only friends.

So I have to ask what’s after being a God?

Kerrious copyright with all rights reserved 2017

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